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Wales / Re: TR - North Berwyn Way 2-day backpack
« Last post by vghikers on Today at 04:55:49 »
Thanks pdstsp&Rob&April, that part of the Berwyns is often forsaken but we find the solitude and spaciousness a big attraction.

barewirewalker - just missed by a day, the Saturday forecast didn't look good when we set out. Yes the NBW descends by Ffynnon-las wood, that copse of firs (larches I think) is attractive but always seemed a little out of place up there. I remember Y Foel well, the arduous very rough terrain to negotiate to gain the summit but we found a small patch of grass right next to 'Biddulph Tower' for a pitch.
We have walked that line to south to Dolydd Ceiriog, on the shooters track of course, and then turned eastwards through the forest. The steeply cut ravine south-east of Dolydd Ceiriog looks very inviting on the map but I imagine the terrain is horrendous.
The comment about the neighbours disliking walkers confirms a remark made by John and Anne Nuttall in their book regarding local landowners' reluctance to admit the existence of rights of way.
Don't give up on the memory card photos: a few years back a forum member submitted a card to a commercial recovery service and they failed, but she sent it to me and I recovered 98% of them.
Welcome / Re: Hi from North Yorkshire.
« Last post by Innominate Man on Today at 00:53:38 »
Eyup Bob,

Welcome from my part of North Yorkshire.
Turn round really slowly and walk towards the door, don't make any sudden movements and then run like billy O. Otherwise you'll never get away  ;D
Gear / Re: map ownership
« Last post by BuzyG on Yesterday at 23:41:57 »
Having a paper version, of any map, still matters to me.  I enjoy collecting them for one thing.  I don't carry them I carry laminated A4 prints grabbed from Bing maps.  And OSmaps on my phone.  They are just nice things to have to me.  In the same way as I have copies of the Times word atlas and others.
Photography / Re: Where am I?
« Last post by richardh1905 on Yesterday at 23:12:35 »
I thought of Lambfoot Dub straight away but then I wonderered if it is Middleboot Knotts Tarn?  :-\

You wonder correctly, April  :)
General Walking Discussion / Re: Women hiking alone.
« Last post by Rob Goes Walking on Yesterday at 23:08:05 »
Crikey, well I am glad you are ok!


Hopefully no lone female hikers need to eye gouge, everyone I've met in the great outdoors has been nice I'd be more worried in the city but it's a cheap dirty move anyone can pull and you might be able to run away if they can't see properly.
Gear / Re: ~50l backpack with bottom entry
« Last post by sussamb on Yesterday at 22:04:52 »
The LA Airzone 35/45 has side entry that may suit your needs ...
General Walking Discussion / Re: First multi-day hike?
« Last post by Owen on Yesterday at 22:01:31 »
How about the Jura, Northern Switzerland, you can do it using hostels or Getes, I don't think you can wild camp in that part of the world very easily.   
Peak District / Baslow to Beeley
« Last post by Lee in Doncaster on Yesterday at 21:54:15 »
Fortunately I didn't have to climb right to the top of the tree:
General Walking Discussion / Re: Women hiking alone.
« Last post by Maggot on Yesterday at 21:53:23 »

I saw him at the doctors surgery randomly and he started talking to me so we had a chat. He wasn't supposed to, it was against his bail conditions but he wasn't the sort of gentleman bothered by that. I didn't ask about his eyes he volunteered it.

Crikey, well I am glad you are ok!
Rest of England / Re: Marr to Hooton Roberts
« Last post by Lee in Doncaster on Yesterday at 21:53:22 »
Cheers Pleb...yes, it probably is.
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