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Scotland / Re: Galloway forrest
« Last post by Strider on Yesterday at 23:36:09 »
Unfortunately Culsharg bothy is too attractive to undesirable types who mess the place up.
Gear / Re: Thick and/or thin socks when hiking?
« Last post by BuzyG on Yesterday at 23:17:52 »
I wear thin underneath thick socks.  I do find towards the end my feet swell slightly but not enough to worry me.

Exactly this.. Double ditto.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Public Footpath through river!
« Last post by BuzyG on Yesterday at 23:14:38 »
We have plenty of river crossing up on Dartmoor. Many have stepping stones.  Others are simply fords.  If the river level is too high. Then you go another route.  Not an issue on open moorland.  I guess it is if you are restricted to the path.
Lake District / Re: TR Wild camp on Seatoller Fell Sat 14 to Sun 15 Jul 18
« Last post by Ridge on Yesterday at 23:07:57 »
Lovely photos April, you were obviously in a different Lake District to us this weekend.
Scotland / Re: Tr Knoydart part 2, the road to Glen Dessarry.
« Last post by April on Yesterday at 23:05:23 »
Great pics again  O0 We like a nice rock or summat to put our water on to filter too  :)

Pollen is a curse.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Dartmoor stream and river levels?
« Last post by BuzyG on Yesterday at 23:00:44 »
Yes indeed all of the rivers on Dartmoor are very low at present.  The good news is you can simply hop across many, where you could not even ford them in winter.  The down side is, even the most fast flowing water sources on the high moor, are looking very peaty.  You can also simply march straight across most of the bogs,,which has made for easy route planning the past few weeks. Though there are still places that could see you waist deep, so still need to keep an eye on the ground.
Lovely photos April, you were lucky with the weather.  O0
Thanks Rural Roamer, I hope you got some nicer days too  O0
Yes the rest of the week was great! It was just that 5 minutes! Headed home Friday. Also did Haystacks, Walla Crag and our first time up Scafell Pike.
Great Stuff A O0  Sunsets are always better with a bit of cloud
You won't be surprised to learn that I always come down that gully on the descent form Bessyboot ;D
It rained for about 5 minutes, 5 minutes before we arrived back at the cottage  >:(


Thanks Rural Roamer, I hope you got some nicer days too  O0
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