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Thanks guys. Do you have to go back down the steep bit or is there an alternative route down?
General Walking Discussion / Re: Help for beginning scrambling
« Last post by Islandplodder on Today at 21:39:11 »

I find the thing to do is to read lots of TRs, look at lots of photos, tell yourself if you don't like the look of it you don't have to do it.  Make sure you have an alternative route in case when it comes to the point you want to avoid it.
Then go.  I find once I have made my plans, it often isn't as bad as I am expecting.  And if it is, I have a nice alternative walk.
I do find, however, that I get better with practice.  At the end of the summer I can often tackle things I would have avoided earlier in the season.
And remind yourself that a fear of heights is a perfectly sensible reaction to the effects of gravity!  There's no shame in it.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Women hiking alone.
« Last post by Rob Goes Walking on Today at 21:28:58 »
I've actually tried the poke in the eyes on someone who stabbed me although I went a bit further than poking, I stuck my thumbs right down the sides of his eyes into his eye sockets and moved them all around. I'd already disarmed my attacker and got on top of him though which a girl might not be able to do. Months later he said his eyes still hurt and he was still on pain killers for it so perhaps don't discount using a bit of an eye gouge if you're in a life or death situation and don't know BJJ or boxing, you sometimes have to fight and I think it helped me.
Wales / Re: TR - North Berwyn Way 2-day backpack
« Last post by pdstsp on Today at 20:44:49 »
Looks a nice route and lovely weather to do it in.
Long Distance Walks / Re: Mileage 2018
« Last post by fit old bird on Today at 20:39:25 »
                            Target            Mileage to date

Ridge                     520                  516.8
Hillhiker1               1000                 773.4
Mel                        365                   274.4
Jac                         0                      685.5
walking pole            500                  14
April                       0                      731.9
beefy                      0                     1270
John Walker            250                  151
Steve922               1000                 284
Slogger                  1,000                545
annknee                1,000                101.1
fitoldbird                1.000                776
Gadabout Bounder   0                     113
daisy+dogs             250                 114.9
RogerA                  1000                 781
scottk                    1000                 1012
R.B.W                     0                     102.5
Seferix                   250                  182.5
AFANASIEW           500                   590.5
Madame Cholet                               715
Doddy                    0                      279
richardh1905         1000                  874
MichaelUK             1500                1037
G2EWS                 1500                1567.4
Gear / Re: Something to sit on that you can fit in your backpack
« Last post by Maggot on Today at 20:38:47 »
Poundland were doing a small kneeling mat in the garden section.  Slightly thicker than a cut-off from a sleeping mat, but may work.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Women hiking alone.
« Last post by Maggot on Today at 20:17:04 »
I have lots of these conversations with my wife, she is quite nervous but I hold to the theory of random attackers will go where the victims are.  It is counter-intuitive, but probably the amount of attacks on a hill in the back end of nowhere is tiny when you compare it to attacks in urban areas.  I wild camp and the good lady says 'what if you meet a nutter?'  I always point out that at any such meeting the would be attacker would actually be the second maddest person in the interaction  :D   And most of the people you meet in these situations are more likely to offer you a tot of rum, share your camp-site, and leave as a friend  O0

As for ladies self-defence, nah.  Pointless waste of money unless you are a properly serious Krav Magarist or boxer or the like, don't waste your money with a days course in a village hall.  Just unleash your fury  :knuppel2:
General Walking Discussion / Re: Preventing Achilles Tendon Injury
« Last post by Maggot on Today at 19:36:57 »
Seriously, get to a physio.

My right Achilles snapped completely 18 months ago, I was not doing much at all for 18 weeks, seriously, it was absolutely properly crap.  18 months in and I am back to full function, but with significantly reduced power and flexibility in my right foot.  Look after it, trust me, you don't ever want to hear the sickening crack I heard on July 1st last year  :-[

Luckily I took the opportunity 20 years ago to actually marry a physio, but even with daily assessment and monitoring the rehab took me the very thick part of 12 months before I was seriously walking anywhere.
Gear / Re: Something to sit on that you can fit in your backpack
« Last post by Owen on Today at 19:33:18 »
That's how I got mine, thanks whoever left it behind.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Help for beginning scrambling
« Last post by Bigfoot_Mike on Today at 18:41:02 »
I also wouldnít call it a scramble, but it depends what you are used to. I didnít have any worries at all, but my wife didnít want to do the final ascent to the summit. Be reassured that it is not Striding Edge or Crib Goch.

PS my wife is not a hill walker, so has very little tolerance for any steepness or exposure. She didnít actually try for the summit, but was put off by the look of the approach.
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