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Long Distance Walks / Re: Hadrian's Wall & time of year
« Last post by FatBaldDuck on Today at 23:11:18 »
... Generally May/June or September are thought to be the best times for walking, but it's really just down to luck ...

I hope we're as lucky as the week we spent in the Lakes in January with my mom & in-laws: 1 day of rain/cold, 6 days of 60*F (16*C) & SUNNY!!!  We'll see ...
Long Distance Walks / Re: Hadrian's Wall & time of year
« Last post by FatBaldDuck on Today at 23:06:03 »

... Depends how you intend to do it! B&B should be easy over 14 days. Most people take about 6/7 using B&Bs or hotels ...

Thanks for the info.  Yes, we plan to "glamp" by staying in B&Bs, pubs & hotels! :)   Self-sufficient will be for future trials & future trails :-[  ... but I do like it that you Brits call our "primitive" camping "wild" camping - wild camping sounds much more manly!!! ;D
Long Distance Walks / Re: Hadrian's Wall & time of year
« Last post by rural roamer on Today at 22:42:34 »
With our weather now it's really difficult to predict when the best time to do a LDW is! You could equally get a heatwave or cool, wet and windy weather anytime.  Generally May/June or September are thought to be the best times for walking, but it's really just down to luck.  We walked it at the end of June and had 2 warm days followed by 2 wet, cool days and ending up with 2 very hot days!
Yorkshire Dales & Moors / Re: B & B in Hebden Bridge
« Last post by rural roamer on Today at 22:35:45 »
Another heads up for Badgerfields. We stayed there on our Pennine way walk last year. We had an evening meal there as you don't really want to walk into Hebden Bridge from there! Though probably first thing is to check if they are open in November.
Gear / Re: LED Torch - recommendations?
« Last post by nesty on Today at 22:04:16 »

I must say I agree, I swear by these torches, have several and am never without one. They're so cheap I have 4 or 5 in various pockets/ bags. The downside is as mentioned the time it takes to have them delivered, so order well in advance of when you need them!

Best regards, Paul

I am back from my Peak district break and to give an update to the torch  I tested. I have to say. These torches are excellent. Very small & compact about 5 inches in length, take 1 AA battery.
Mine came in 4 days from Ebay.
The light it gives off is really good which a decent spread. You can have a hi or low dim. Certainly lights the way and I used it on walks in pure darkness back from a pub. For 8 feels, just as good as my Fenix. I will be buying another one of these torches for sure!
Lake District / Re: parking at st johns in the vale church
« Last post by tenmilesplus on Today at 21:42:11 »
Hiya Wombat, have you been before ? I have stayed around Keswick 7 times, 4 of which in Threlkeld ( it's a long way from Basingstoke ) and found the walk from there to the church pretty easy although it would add another 2.5 miles or so to the walk, the Threlkeld tea shop is hard to beat for cake / sarnies and the Low Bridge End Farm is equally as good for soup / scone so you could make it a tea and soup days walking. The walk from Threlkeld to High bridge end Farm and back over High Rigg is something like 10ish miles so can be done in a day. I did exactly this walk last October 24th and the weather was very iffy but if you know the Lake District you'll know "it's always raining there".. lol  ::) I was also going to suggest parking the other end somewhere off or around the 591.. Have a great time whatever you choose.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Wandering off-piste
« Last post by John Murphy on Today at 21:25:59 »
Why don't you all write to your MPs and get them to put a Bill onto the statute book like the one we have in Scotland........
we can walk, camp, ride horses almost anywhere as long as we do it responsibly! We get very little of 'this is my ground - keep off!' Get the petition started!

Not much hope of that idea being passed by the morons in Westminster ;D ;D ;D ;D

As for Scotland since the new legislation came in a few years ago. Restrictions are being brought now curtailing the right to roam ect. Whereas before political interference surfaced Scotland was an haven to wilderness walkers not nowadays because of legislation. :( :( :(

General Walking Discussion / Re: Wandering off-piste
« Last post by pleb on Today at 21:10:54 »
I saw countryfile too, and have sympathy with said farmers.
Been walking a few years, I never had any stick from anybody, eg farmers.
In the interests of fairness, there was a fp in Calderdale that was also a track, the bod who lived at the house (?) had a few tonnes of gravel trying to block the path, didnt stop me though.
Gear / Re: Steripen
« Last post by Silver fox on Today at 21:10:36 »
Thank you for all replies.
It isn't a easy choice.
I think I'll do a bit more research before I choose.
Welcome / Howdeydoody fellow walkers.
« Last post by tenmilesplus on Today at 21:01:29 »
  Hello everyone !! I hope we all feel fit and eager for some Winter walking ??

 Personally I love the Autumn and Winter walking it is just a shame the days are so short. I do enjoy a long days walking and look forward to May / June / July too. I have been going to the Lake District twice a year for a week at a time for about 11 years with my Wife who also enjoys a walk, my incentive is ice cream and my Wifes is cake..  We have been to Peak District White and Dark and parts of Wales, I have been to Snowdonia to help a friend complete the 15 Peaks walk and the same weekend we went up Snowdon which I really enjoyed, since then I have been up Scafell Pike which I also enjoyed. I am trying to complete the Test Way and would like to do it in one as it is 44miles so not the longest walk but there is also the option of doing it as two 22mile walks or three 15mile walks, I haven't decided yet..

 I hope to get a lot out of this website, information on walks / areas / kit but also to contribute too.

  Lets get our boots dirty..
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