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Robinson and Knott Rigg
« on: 18:49:23, 19/01/08 »
Yes, I know I said I was going to Borrowdale, but I meant Newlands, obviously.
Me and the dawg parked the car in the very last car parking space at Little Town.
Bruno pulled me past the little chapel and on to High Snab and the strangely named Low High Snab (why couldnt High Snab have been called High Low Snab anyway?  Snowdrops flowering at Low High Snab...  Is there a Low Low Snab?....??
We climbed up on to High Snab Bank which gives magical walking up onto Blea Crags where there are two rocksteps. Luckily, there was nobody around to witness me making a pig's ear of climbing these two rocksteps. The rock is obviously very low friction! ;) Memo to self - never try to get down this way if its wet....
The summit of Robinson was unfriendly in a cold and windy sort of way so we descended to a little ruined sheepfold  just above Buttermere Moss, and this gave enough shelter for a cosy lunch.
The main target of the day was next - a little top called High Snockrigg. The path from Buttermere just misses visiting this top and  on the four occasions (now five!) Ive climbed Robinson, I dont seem to have been here. Its a Dewey and a Birkett. Its agrassy lump but the view of Crummackwater is fab and its a bit windy(!) Kerching!
Our next top was to be Knott Rigg and this involved a descent to Newlands Hause (a bit steep at the end) - then a steady plod up to Knott Rigg.  (Steady means "heaving, sweating and mutterring darkly by the way - its a sort of code)
I returned to the start by descending the rather cracking ridge which leads from Knott Rigg to Keskadale farm. This has lovely heather beds on which to recline and drink tepid tea whilst studying the view.  A few field paths with sheep and mud lead me back to the start.
Just short of 8 miles and 3000 feet up uphill stuff...
No snow in the Lake District on 19/1/08 by the way.
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