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Gear / Re: Daysacks
« Last post by Jim Parkin on Today at 22:09:02 »
I saw a quite attractive small daysack in Aldi last week.  I didn't buy it, because I have a 7-year old Alpkit Gourdon-20Ltr  that is great and waterproof (it's a proper drybag as well)
Wales / Re: Broke my Pen Y Fan duck
« Last post by sussamb on Today at 21:14:23 »
That looks like pretty good weather for Pen y Fan  O0
Long Distance Walks / Re: 3 Yorkshire peaks.
« Last post by Hillhiker1 on Today at 21:08:40 »
Why not just do one for now and see how you get on? They're all terrific walks in their own right and there's loads of routes to choose from, particularly on Ingleborough.
Gear / Re: Buying gear from Amazon
« Last post by Mel on Today at 21:00:57 »
Amazon Prime has been a regular subject on Rip Off Britain telly programme.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Difficulty Eating on Long Walks
« Last post by Jim Parkin on Today at 20:48:22 »
I hardly ever eat when walking even days up to 30 miles. I have to make myself eat. I have a bag of dried fruit and nuts which are relatively high calorie for their weight and just snack on these. I am just as bad with drinking water and as I have got older it does affect me so I make sure I drink these days.

Getting into a calorie debt is actually good for you - it helps stop you from becoming insulin resistant which is a prelude to diabetes.
Yup - same here.  If I do stop to eat, I get very hungry though. 
Gear / Re: Buying gear from Amazon
« Last post by Colliewobbles on Today at 20:20:02 »
Have a read of

Iím sure youíll get your money back if Prime is not for you!

Good luck  O0
Gear / Re: What's Your Latest Walking Kit Purchase?
« Last post by marmottungsten on Today at 20:19:37 »
A Brother FS70WT sewing machine, from Argos.  I bought it to make custom made webbing straps and pouches.  At first I just wanted to replace the awful pouch my lovely Alpkit Splitta ultralight camping table came in, because it was bright high-viz orange, making it totally unsuitable for stealth camping.  So I bought some medium weight, water resistant, Polyester fabric in a dark olive green colour, perfect for stealth camping, then I bought the sewing machine to actually turn the fabric into a new pouch.  Took me a whole day to master the machine, then it was plane sailing.  I changed the design from the original pouch, which had a flap on one end held down with velcro, to one with a full width flap (for easier access), expanding sides (to increase the pouches volume (so it could carry other awkward-to-carry items, like my Qi-Wiz ultralight Titanium cathole trowel), webbing loops sewn on the back to allow it to attach securely to the top of the daisy chain on either side of my back pack, and the top flap is held down with two webbing straps which can be tightened down via ladderlock buckles...These also allow the front of the pouch to be cinched down tight,  to keep everything inside from rattling around when I walk.  Another bonus is that despite the webbing on it, it is actually 5g lighter than the original pouch!  I was so pleased with the result I made a new pouch for my Helinox Chair Zero out of the same fabric.  Before that, I was having to carry the Chair Zero in a Helinox Table One carry bag, which weighs a whopping 56g...The new pouch has a rolltop and the top can be cinched down via two quick release buckles, and the sides of the pouch can also be cinched down via the ladderlock buckle straps I made to hold the pouch vertically on the back of my backpack.  It only weighs just over 20g, at least half the weight of the Table One bag.   It is strapped onto one corner, and my tent poles are strapped vertically to the other corner, in the camo green tent pole bag that was supplied with my tent...This balances the weight evenly, frees up useful space in my backpack, allows me to keep the width of the pack as narrow as possible, so it can't snag on branches when walking through dense forest and it still allows me to have unhindered access the mesh side pockets and the big mesh pocket in the middle.  It has got me thinking of maybe going into business making ultralight custom rucksack/backpack accessory packs and pouches and selling them on sites like ebay or Amazon...Not sure if there is a big market for such items though.   
General Walking Discussion / Re: Difficulty Eating on Long Walks
« Last post by Dovegirl on Today at 20:15:44 »
About halfway through a walk I like to stop and have something to eat - eg sandwiches, a few grapes - and I rather look forward to it. I may have something extra at some other stage of the walk but I tend not to graze.
Long Distance Walks / Re: 3 Yorkshire peaks.
« Last post by Slowcoach on Today at 19:27:43 »
Ingleborough has the steepest climb more vertical than the others, so you may be able to do that first and start from chapel le dale.
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