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Gear / Re: What's Your Latest Walking Kit Purchase?
« Last post by gunwharfman on Today at 11:39:49 »
Its not a purchase as such, it a free app which I have used all this year. I downloaded Zello, a walkie-talkie app and I think its potential is really great. I opened it up and it offers the user the opportunity to have your own free channel. I called mine 'UK BACKPACKING' and when I've had the chance I've asked hikers to download it as well.

The time it worked best for me was during my last hike in the Pyrenees. I was going towards the Bay of Biscay and I met a bloke, Martin (from North London) who was walking to St Jean Pied du Por. He had never hiked before and his rucksac was SO, SO heavy! I helped him sort out what he needed and what he could send back home. We then had a few drinks and a meal together.

I also downloaded Zello onto his phone and about a week later we had a two way conversation about his hike and where he had made it too. He was in St Jean and was making plans to carry on through Spain on the Camino Francais trail. I haven't heard from him since then but am hoping to find out if he made it to the end? I also used it to talk to my niece, nephews and a couple of friends whilst en route as well, great fun!

The beauty of this app is that people, even groups of people can talk at the same time and no one needs to know anyones telephone number. In my case the link between us is just 'UK BACKPACKING, that's all anyone needs to know.'
Gear / Re: Dubbin v Cherry Blossom Waxed oil v Leder Gris ??
« Last post by tenmilesplus on Today at 11:30:10 »
What about Carrs Leather oil the horsey fraternity use ? That can't be bad, they use it on all types of kit..
Gear / Re: advice on Packing a tent away
« Last post by gunwharfman on Today at 11:21:10 »
I store my tent in an old Victorian style trunk, which my sister in law discarded 30 years ago. I think she bought it from John Lewis or similar. In those days it was a trendy piece of furniture to have in ones lounge, so when she got fed up with it I aquired it. I just lay my tent in it, squish it up a bit so there are no folds and it works fine. I also store my sleeping quilt and my Neo Air mattress there as well. One of my better ideas!
General Walking Discussion / Re: 'Emotional' walks?
« Last post by gunwharfman on Today at 11:11:58 »
I live on the coast. I have to admit it offered the chance it would be very difficult to move away.

I do have one other walk that I would put under the heading of 'emotional'. In 2015 I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and elected to have it removed. I was out of hospital in 5 days (in April) with five puncture marks on my abdomen (the surgeon used the Da Vinci Robot) and I came home with a catheter in. The following day, I carefully positioned myself in my car and drove to my favourite wood still in my pyjamas! I parked, then gingerly walked alongside a field then into the wood. The circular route in the wood is about 2 miles but I kinda staggered around it and it certainly lifted my mood. The surgeon and nurse told me I had to practice pelvic floor grips every day so I decided I would carry on with my daily walk and flex my pelvic muscles as I strolled along. After 7 days the catheter was taken out (so good!) but then I was incontinent! The nurse told me not to worry, all would to return to normality within 10 days. I lacked confidence to believe her, but I really wanted to believe her!

I carried on with the daily circuit in all weathers, at first I was incontinent (9 days in all) and it was so depressing, but then on one magical day I wasn't! It was so strange, I woke up and I knew something was different, somehow my body had reprogrammed itself, since the I've never looked back since. And I visited the nurse to thank her and congratulate her on her prediction!

I've visited there many times since my operation and I never forget the therapeutic effect the walks had on me.

I was in the wood yesterday, off road running and it hasn't changed much. The leaves are about to fall but as far as I am concerned it is my special place.
Hey all - I was just wondering if anyone posts walks up on walking websites like walkhighlands and what they get out of it? it must take a long time! would maybe like to do something like it myself but wouldn't know where to start really!

I've never posted on Walk Highlands but I suppose it offers people a ready made template to post their trip reports without having to worry about setting up or maintaining a blog/website. And there seems to be a community of regular posters who know and interact with each other (a bit like here).

There are some really entertaining and interesting trip reports on WH and it's a useful resource. Same with the Happy Hiker and Walking Englishman sites, I think. I do plot my own routes and that's part of the fun for me but there are always things that a map (or even an aerial image) can't tell you so it's handy to have access to the kind of "on the ground"  info that they provide. And if you don't want to plot your own walk then obviously they are a great resource for finding complete routes to follow.

I started out writing trip reports before I decided to have a blog. I like the latter because:

1) Everything's collected together in one place.

2) Like BuzyG, it provides me with a "journal" through which I can re-visit walks I've done.

3) The act of writing keeps my brain ticking over and makes me think - though I do find it hard work sometimes. I guess I have to be in the right frame of mind to do it but it is worthwhile and satisfying.

4) I hope it can be useful to other people - although I don't provide routes as such, I do try to provide any useful info from my own experiences for people who might be walking in a particular area. Thinking of walk I did where I was looking for images and details about a "bad step"beforehand and I couldn't find anything, I tried to give as much detail as possible about that when I wrote it up afterwards for anyone else doing the same route.

Gear / Re: Map problem on viewranger
« Last post by sussamb on Today at 10:31:05 »
Hmmm ... I have three devices using VR and 3 listed by VR  :-\
General Walking Discussion / Re: How do you combat boredom?
« Last post by NeilC on Today at 10:28:47 »
My phone has podcasts and audio files on it which I'll use if I get bored. Depends on the conditions. If it's a beautiful day in a beautiful area then I don't need anything but after say 4 hours trudging through mist and gloam on my own then I benefit from a distraction.
Gear / Re: Dubbin v Cherry Blossom Waxed oil v Leder Gris ??
« Last post by NeilC on Today at 10:23:14 »
AFAIK there is no standard formulation for dubbin which can contain a variety of oils, greases, fats, waxes and solvents. I think the common denominator is that it contains animal fats like lanolin, mink oil or even fish oil. I believe the potential problem with that is that animal fats are prone to oxidation over time which can produce acidic compounds. Beeswax or paraffin waxes are supposedly more stable. I've no idea whether that matters over the lifespan of a walking boot.

I don't know what the difference is between Cherry's waxed oil and Ledergris but they appear to be the same idea: oil plus wax so probably a very similar effect.

Seems to me that leather care could do with more scientific study. With different boot makers giving out often contradictory advice and the old-fashioned terminology used (e.g. what does "nourishes leather" actually mean technically speaking?) indicates to me that the advice is is mostly given wisdom rather than research based.
I put links to pics on flickr from my walks, never sure how to do a trace of a route. Have to just describe it if anybody asks.
I put em on more than 1 forum.

I don't especially send a route description with any expectation that anyone would want ro walk the same route....more about sending a few images and a little narrative to perhaps convey what I found when walking in the hills.
Although I post some replies on here as vizzavona I do send a few images/comments to the Walk Highlands site as gaffr….Roger Gaff is my 'normal' name....the name that I collect my pension as. :) 
I also use a Google blog thing to record some walking trips in Europe....especially Corsica. A place that I started to go for walks after I   It is a bit shambolic on account of not having the knowledge to organise it properly however it does convey some of the pleasure, I hope, of walking on the island.
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