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General Walking Discussion / Re: Losing weight!
« Last post by Forkbeard on Today at 00:28:58 »
I think plate sizes have got bigger over the years.  My Gran's "dinner service" plates (donkeys years old) are a fair bit smaller than modern dinner plates.

My thoughts...

Replace fast / junk / processed food with it's unprocessed equivalent (empty calories with nutritional ones).  You'll be surprised how much MORE you can eat and still lose weight doing this.

If injury means you can't be more active then reduce your calorie intake. 

Or, keep eating as you are and increase your physical activity.

Eat because you are hungry and not because you're bored.

... and if I practiced what I preached I'd be slim and fit as a racing snake so I'd best add that Willpower Is Required  ;D

I pretty much agree with everything you said here (and everyone else), and yes, dinner plates now seem to be large food display platters rather than a sensible sized plate.

 In theory I know how to eat and cook, and portion size is something I normally watch, but I'm  in the grip of eating 'for pleasure' in the absence of anything other to do. Inactivity is the cousin of laziness, and laziness is the cousin of depression - it's a vicious circle. The less i do the less I feel like doing. I usually enjoy cooking  and eating pretty well but fast food has snook in. I'm feeling the cold like never before this reason too. Maybe I'm getting old(er)!

I was just beginning to get over my knee injury and pretty much smashed it up on the concrete and I'm back to square one.

I think honestly I may be feeling sorry for myself as well  :-\ . It's a motivation/mental issue as much as diet. Ironically walking keeps me sane and it's the one thing I haven't been doing.

Thanks for all the replies, I have been reading but there's too many to reply individually  O0

Gear / Re: Tent Comparisons
« Last post by jimbob on Today at 00:27:00 »
Without knowing what knapsack you have it is very possible you could save that weight easily for a lot less money. Me I am a believer in tight fistidness. AND for that money you could get a really good down sleeping bag  which would be even more beneficial to your knees hips and back.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Losing weight!
« Last post by alan de enfield on Today at 00:07:05 »

I took early retirement in 2005 and was a fairly 'normal' shape and weight for a 6-footer.
My weight gradually increased from around 12 stone to 17 stone 13 pounds by late 2014, on a long haul flight back from Cambodia I was very ill and was overheating so much that I was pouring cups of cold water all over my chest to try and cool down. It turns out my body was in sugar overload and trying to 'burn up' all the calories.

I went to the GP, and after blood tests informed me I had a blood sugar of 112, Cholesterol of somewhere over 12 and would be dead in 12 months.

A bit of a wake up call.

I had always walked (in my younger days) doing the Pennine Way, Cornwall Coastal Footpath, Offas Dyke, the Lyke Wake Walk and any number of day hikes in Derbyshire, North Wales and the Lake District, so decided that an improved diet and more exercise should start me on the road to recovery.

I started walking a couple of miles a day steadily increasing to between 4 and 10 miles about 5 or 6 times a week, cut out sugar and reduced the number of Carbs and saturated fat. The weight started to fall off so I decided to pack my rucksack with a pound for every pound I'd lost - after losing 4 stone in about 11 months I decided that carrying a 56 lb pack was not much good for an 'old 'in so just kept the weight pack weight the same, another few weeks and I was down to 12 stone 13 lbs (5 stone loss).

That turned out to be too much loss and it became uncomfortable sitting in the bath or on a hard chair as it was painful on a bony-bum. I slowly allowed my weight to increase to 13 stone 13 lbs and was much more comfortable.

I maintained, within a few pounds this weight (up and down a couple of pounds) until last Summer when my Son was diagnosed with a serious illness and all sorts of family problems and I stopped walking - I have since put on another 12 pounds and am now finding it almost impossible to shift it.

Sorry for the rambling post, but I just wanted to say yes - you can lose the weight but you must really want to, or have some incentive to do so, you will need to be very disciplined and will probably end up with a very boring 'menu' of low-fat, low sugar, low carbs and low salt foods but it will be worth it.

I am now no longer classed as diabetic having a blood sugar of 5.3 and my Cholesterol is 3.5 - just need to get rid of a few pounds so I am walking again.
Wales / TR Moel Sych, Cadair Berwyn and Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall
« Last post by tom83 on Yesterday at 23:49:29 »
As the title says, my trip report from this morning jaunt along the highest points of the Berwyn Range.
Welcome / Re: Hello from Canada!
« Last post by tenmilesplus on Yesterday at 23:26:14 »
Welcome from Hampshire.. My Mother has relatives in Canada ( so that means I do too ).. Mostly around Newfee land.. I'm the only one that has been over to visit because I hate flying..
Brilliant !! Thank you for your replies, you have been a great help..
Welcome / Re: Newbie
« Last post by John Walker on Yesterday at 22:24:06 »
Welcome from Twickenham in SW London.  I'm sure you'll enjoy walking in the Picos, but quite different from most UK terrain.
Gear / Re: Tent Comparisons
« Last post by fernman on Yesterday at 22:12:47 »
I'm with WR on this one:

could be the 250g could be saved on other kit for a lot less money.

Save your money. Go through the rest of your gear item by item and see what you can replace with something lighter. It shouldn't take much to save 250g and it'll cost you a lot less.

This is coming from someone with something in common with both of you above:
1: I'm a tight old git too, with me it goes hand-in-hand with a low income.
2. I have high cholesterol too, but unlike Alan of EN1 mine refuses to budge in spite of eating all the right things, etc (the Yorkie bars in my backpacking food list are the only times I ever eat them, honest!).
Lake District / Re: VR - Wild Camp on Silver How
« Last post by beefy on Yesterday at 22:09:48 »
Great video. Looked rather cold with than snow on the ground.
Thank you lostme1  O0
We were nice and cosy in the tent  :)
Gear / Re: Tent Comparisons
« Last post by alan de enfield on Yesterday at 21:22:18 »

 I am a tight old git that would start considering whether I could lose 250g of my bodyweight (which I ought to consider anyway ::) ) rather than change what appears to be a very capable tent.

Good luck with getting back to walking.

Regards Keith

Thanks for the welcome.

I was diagnosed diabetic, overweight and with a dangerously high Cholesterol 3 years ago, I started walking again, covering 4-10 miles 5 or 6 times a week and for every pound I lost I 'added a pound weight' to my Rucksack - when, after 11 months I had 56 lbs in the sack I decided that, as an 'oldie'  it was enough and started to walk 'seriously' again carrying a reasonable weight.

I am no longer classed as diabetic, have a Cholesterol of 3.5 and feel much better.

Spent the odd nights out, but now looking to do some multi-day trips.

I am not at all unhappy with my current gear but just sort of feel its time for a bit of retail therapy.
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