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Re: Regatta?
« Reply #30 on: 08:40:03, 02/10/11 »
Personally dont go near regatta stores, in my early days of mountain trekking and looking for budget brands found myself in these places and then a few weeks later found myself in another place buying a better quality product.

I was out in a terrible rain storm 2000 feet up in the North Pennines this winter.My 65 Regatta 5000 rated coat withstood everything thrown at it.Unfortunately my 135 Paramo Velez trousers failed miserably.I tend to agree with the "get what you pay for" view particularly with boots but it does not always workl.


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Re: Regatta?
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hey geordie33, my paramo pants are crap, bought them 4 years ago for 115. the guy in the shop baffled me with science and assured me there the best, that was possibly my worst big spend ive ever made. Wont touch paramo again. On reflection I think the guy was just after the sale.
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Re: Regatta?
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To be fair I reluctantly invested in a pair of Cascada trousers and they have performed better than the Velez (not difficult)Only bought them because I do not much like over trousers and Paramo seem to be the only game in town (unless someone knows different?).Generally though I think Paramo are over rated and definately over priced


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Re: Regatta?
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Again horses for courses.

Just been playing on the Cullin and wore ME G2 softshell pants (140) which were brilliant, and a pair of Regatta Geo softshell pants (22) pretty close. Torn both pairs, one is clearly a more expensive loss than the other.But then my Aldi walking pants (10) have been fantastic in camp and for dossing round in.

My Salomon Quest 4D boots (79) were absolutely thrashed for grip comfort and stability on the rock by my Meindl Borneo Pros (170). Awesome boots, just like having 4 wheel drive walking up the summit slab of Sgurr Machonic. Lesson learned on that one. Lightweight has its place but if your feet aren't happy then everything else will follow as the day progresses.

Most Regatta kit is ok, the boots are comfy from the box but won't last and if you want to buy the top of the range Regatta jackets which have decent waterproof and breathablility ratings (20, 000) then the prices match those from the top branded Goretex or eVent shells.

Karrimor boots and shoes are very suspect IMHO but the new rucsack range looks very good. Take the best from each brand at the best price, keep your mind and options open.
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Re: Regatta?
« Reply #34 on: 15:06:35, 26/01/18 »
I Found some great new Regatta Amelie III Trousers for 16.99 at warwickshire clothing They have since Replaced My Aldi ones and the fit is great


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Re: Regatta?
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I've a pair of Regatta trail shoes which have a bomb proof sole and are one of few shoes that are genuinely waterproof - I wear them on night shift at work in a Data Centre and have walked across Striding Edge in them twice in Spring and Autumn when I was recovering from an ankle operation and couldn't wear anything with a higher ankle

I also have three Regatta fleeces which were about 9 quid each and under a Montane waterproof are just as good and warm as a Montane fleece I bought for about 40 quid.

TBH Regatta stuff performs well if combined with good quality gear - I wouldnt wear a 20 quid Regatta waterproof over a Montane fleece on top of Ben Nevis, but I would happily wear a Regatta fleece under a Montane coat in the same place.
I'd happily wear a regatta 20 quid waterproof on a low level walk around Rydal water on a chilly autumn morning with the dogs

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Re: Regatta?
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I never look for an offer e.g. should be 100 but reduced to 40. youve to ask why.

The standard retail mark-up for outdoor products is 100%. The main reason for selling products at dicounted prices is because they are last years/seasons stock, the new stock is new and improved.

In the business new and improved means they have reduced the manufacture cost per unit and introduced a new color.
I am not really bothered if the kit I wear is this years color, any brand will do, it just needs to be functional and the right price.

And yes I have got some Regatta products........ BUT .......I bought them off the sale rack.
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Re: Regatta?
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No experience of their boots but I would say check out what they claim to do (waterproof etc) and keep your receipt so if they do fail you can take them back. Doesn't matter what they cost, if they don't do what they say then return them.

I was tempted by some trail shoes at 25 in their sale but they didn't have my size.

Where are you getting them from?(Don't say Go Outdoors because I would not buy boots from them again - too much hassle when you have a problem).

Hope that helps.
For what it's worth, I found Milletts very helpful about returns.  I had some Karrimoor boots from them which leaked in wet grass.  Took them back, they referred to Karrimoor and then gave me credit to  buy a new pair.  I bought some Berghaus which have proved very good.


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Re: Regatta?
« Reply #38 on: 17:24:02, 29/01/18 »
Well, the spammer who resurrected a 7-years-old thread got his advert in, but this did at least result in some further interesting comments on kit.