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Re: First Aid Kits
« Reply #30 on: 14:21:44, 13/01/18 »
So this morning Ive assembled a first aid kit for myself. Luckily I have a bag full of bandages etc from my days as a rugby coach. My kit includes;

2 x small bandage
2 x triangular bandage
5 x plasters
5 x safety pins
1 x scissors (small)
1 x foil blanket
1 x ice pack
1 x micropores tape.
1 x sleeve of paracetamol
1 x sleeve of ibuprofen.

I figured that while Im only doing day walks for a couple of hours, I can afford to carry a little extra, as Im not carry much in my bag anyway. Also I usually have my boy with me and he is very accident prone. Im sure in summer when I hopefully will be doing longer walks, and some camping, the kit will be reduced to save weight and pack space.


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Re: First Aid Kits
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Superglue is a good addition, along with steristrips. Great for closing wounds


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Re: First Aid Kits
« Reply #32 on: 17:43:13, 22/01/18 »
I got a Waterproof First Aid Kit off Amazon, and it does me pretty well :)