Author Topic: Laceless walking boots?  (Read 7696 times)


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Re: Laceless walking boots?
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Did you join just to post an advert, Lottie? Because this is a walking forum where members discuss sturdy footwear suitable for going on long hikes, and not children's footwear that might only be suitable for a walk round the park. Unless I'm mistaken of course, in which case do please tell me I'm wrong and I will give you my full apologies.


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Re: Laceless walking boots?
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Have you tried elastic laces (plenty of choices on ebay)? I now use them on all my footwear. I need stiff soles to take the loadings off an arthritic toe but the stiffer boots transferred pressure to the top of my feet, causing tendinitis. Elastic laces allow the boots to change shape with my feet as I walk so I always have good support but with no pressure points. They are tensioned with a single toggle which I rarely have to adjust as I can put the boots on by just lifting the lace off the top hooks, so they could possibly suit your needs. Adding a second toggle halfway up the boot allows me to set a lower tension in the toe area while maintaining ankle support.