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Lake District / Stickle Tarn to Sergeant Man
« Last post by RedKMan on Today at 21:05:54 »

Last year I hiked Dungeon Gill - Stickle Tarn - Sergeant Man - High Raise - Harrison Stickle - Pike of Stickle - descent via Mark Gate.  I am looking at repeating this year but one problem section I had was from stickle tarn to Sergeant Man.  On the map there is a nice green coloured path starting on the far right of the tarn which arc's left towards Sergeant Man.  I could not see this path at all on the ground and it looked like pure marsh land so I ended up taking one of the black coloured paths heading towards Blea Rigg (which I don't plan on visiting) and went off path to eventually get to Sergeant Man.

Does anyone have any clear directions on this section or advice on which path to take because the maps and GPS at the time did not help at all.  I'm trying to be better prepared this time around.

Wales / Re: How hard is Snowdon?
« Last post by dank86 on Today at 20:21:16 »
Fernman if you look at it on the map near Cwm llan there's a path off to the left that'll take you up to bwlch Cwm llan
Wales / Re: How hard is Snowdon?
« Last post by fernman on Today at 19:56:36 »
North East out of beddgelert along the A498 there is Craflwyn Hall on the OS maps there is a circular path but it has a route off towards some disused tips and mine, keep following that path and it splits in 2, the path on the right goes up to the Watkins path and the left goes over to rhyd ddu, heading towards rhyd ddu on can swing a right and go up clogwyn ddu

Thanks, I know the Craflwyn path, I've walked it from the Watkin Path, but I didn't know you could get to the Rhyd Ddu Path from it. Most of the NT paths there aren't marked on the OS map, which isn't very helpful.

There are loos outside the Hall, very handy, and also a car park though I don't know what would happen if you left your car there all day. But there's a nice long free layby a bit further down the road towards Beddgelert, it's next to the entrance to Cae Du camp site.
Welcome / Re: Hello
« Last post by Rachel1-31 on Today at 19:52:20 »
Hello Rabbie. Welcome!  Im Rachel, and new here to. I live in Shropshire the not so beautiful Telford lol! But surrounding areas are nice for a day walk. I tend to do just fairly lesiurely walks atm, but am very keen to get into hiking and trekking.
Wales / Re: How hard is Snowdon?
« Last post by dank86 on Today at 19:04:53 »
It's pretty good Surfer99 there's cairns to help guide you up to llechog, the path then is pretty good
Wales / Re: How hard is Snowdon?
« Last post by Surfer99 on Today at 19:00:55 »
What’s the path like along the top of  llechog on the Rhydd Ddu path ?

Wales / Re: How hard is Snowdon?
« Last post by dank86 on Today at 16:16:45 »

Hopefully that links to one of the screen shots that shows the meet up with Watkins path
Gear / Sit mat chair with backrest for camping
« Last post by madame cholet on Today at 16:03:59 »
Are the cheap ones ok is there anything to look out for or avoid thanks
Gear / Re: hope im not too old for it lol
« Last post by madame cholet on Today at 15:49:39 »
No but she has done lots of LDW in the past.
« Last post by madame cholet on Today at 15:47:41 »
I dont know whether this is a bargain or not.

I've been waiting for Aldi merino base layers to come back in, which they havent yet, I did however see this:

Its not merino but rather 45% viscose from bamboo - I think I read somewhere bamboo was good in base layers - but I've no idea whether this is a good deal or not.

Any advice would be welcome

Your looking for Autumn that's when I bought mine.
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