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Ya  Bogger 😎
Scotland / Re: Shetland
« Last post by nesty on Yesterday at 19:25:56 »
Hi Astaman
Thanks for this, Ah Sullom, I knew the LPG outlet was somewhere near the Mavis Grind, though I couldn't remember what place it was!

Re Lerwick I've done some google street view surveying and I happened to notice a site / bit around the back of the Clickimin leisure complex (Stanley hill Road), then clicked to the next image, which featured a more recent date and massive building work taking place and it all disappeared.  I wasn't too sure if they were going to put it back in, doesn't look like they are, which is a pity as looked an ideal spot. I want to have a couple of nights in Lerwick, but it's a question of where to park the van, as it's a smaller campervan, I might be able to get away with on the street somewhere?     
General Walking Discussion / Re: Where are folks walking this weekend?
« Last post by Cnicht on Yesterday at 19:24:37 »
Probably to the pub this weekend haha got very good friends coming over to dinner Saturday so wonder to the pub by the lake maybe in order 🙂
Welcome / Re: Ello ello peeps
« Last post by Cnicht on Yesterday at 19:19:28 »
Hiya from Essex
Gear / Re: What's in your emergency pack?
« Last post by Dyffryn Ardudwy on Yesterday at 19:14:48 »
I cannot envisage me ever calling out the Mountain Rescue lads, as i would think long and hard, is this call for help really justified.
If i had a serious injury, which i know can happen, through thankfully i have never experienced, then i would call out the rescue team, but the situation has never arisen where i was not able to self rescue myself out of a bad situation.

Some years ago i found myself almost stuck on very  technical scrambling section on the Bethesda side of Pen Yr Ole Wen (technical for me that is), and i was almost close to tears with anxiety, not being able to go up or down,  but i still managed to rescue the situation,, how i still do not know, but i survived the experience, and learnt by my mistake.

Some may have called the Mountain Rescue, but thankfully the situation has never been that serious to justify their call out.

Possibly it may be a bit unwise of me to venture out into remote country without some kind of emergency kit,  but i have carefully chosen my route before i venture out, and if conditions deteriorate, i make a hasty return to civilisation.
Welcome / Re: Ello ello peeps
« Last post by gunwharfman on Yesterday at 19:07:34 »
Hello from Portsmouth
Welcome / Ello ello peeps
« Last post by Cnicht on Yesterday at 18:44:52 »
long time no see lol
Gear / Re: What's in your emergency pack?
« Last post by Cnicht on Yesterday at 18:22:15 »
Plasters coz me feet suffer with blisters 😂
Lake District / Re: TR Wild camp on Seatoller Fell Sat 14 to Sun 15 Jul 18
« Last post by Cnicht on Yesterday at 18:20:12 »
Hi April, it was great to see you and Beefy on Sunday shame you had to rush off
Gear / Re: Recommendations for hiking shirts?
« Last post by Kukkudrill on Yesterday at 17:55:42 »
I love my craghoppers and can be out walking looking like an advert for them - however I've never bought their shirts - they all seem to have high cotton content - am I looking at the wrong craghopper shirts or otherwise missing something?

Craghoppers Kiwi shirts are a 65/35 per cent polyester/cotton blend. Craghoppers Nosilife Adventure shirts are all-nylon, but more expensive than the Kiwis. Then there are Peter Storm travel shirts (available from Blacks and Millets), also nylon, but cheap. This shirt is made of thicker gauge nylon than average - good for durability, not so good for hot weather.

I have all three. The Kiwis seem to retain moisture more (in the form of visible damp patches) while you're walking. But I've made a direct comparison of how long the shirts take to air-dry on a line after washing in a machine. To my great surprise, the Kiwi shirts dried just as fast as the nylon shirts. So I wouldn't worry too much about the cotton content. 
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