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Title: guilt, sun and a biplane!
Post by: troy on 20:40:41, 06/11/11
Do not know why but as I drove down the A9 on a -5 cold early Sunday morning to atholl, unheeded by any cars (a miracle) I was feeling guilty. Guilty of nothing in particular, just the usual married man stuff , of me going off for some fun while the family are stuck at home sort of guilty. It could be that just because today was the first in many months when it did not rain or was very windy but then again my days of taking them places does seem to be over, as they would rather ‘hang’ with mates then parents now. It is the ‘Can’t live the parent’s day’ I am really waiting for, feels like it will never arrive. But back to the guilt stuff, don’t know if anyone else ever feels it, but if today was guilty day for all walkers then I saw at least another 20 odd cars around parked in the going munroing places, so I guess I’m not totally alone.
And right now your thinking – he’s weird isn’t this supposed to be a route report – and yes you’d be right it is so on with it. GPX file is attached as usual of a great 13 mile 1,800m ascent walk near to atholl going over the beinn a ghlo mountain.
Overall a great day, apart that is from the first two Munros which were covered in cloud – they were not as I approached them, only covered while I was on them (hence the guilt – cloud was retribution stuff). However, saying that as I carried on along the wide ridge the swirling of the cloud from those peaks created some fantastic scenes (as seen in photos). The large amount if height gain was due to their being narrow low passes between each, which rather added some spark to the whole thing. Usually my old knees can cope with one climb, and then tend to cry with agony if I try more but today they feel OK (back at home) despite running down one of the ascents!
Not much else I can say about this days hike really, hoping that the photos say much more, but the long return path is very boggy, I mean Very boggy. Not very wet but more like the consistency of cement mix – horrible stuff. Oh and should not forget the views – those that I did get were far and wide to the cairngorms and Ben alder (before the cloud that covered these peaks started growing) and down into the deep and narrow glen tilt – have to return there one day. Plus I guess the appearance of a bi plane flying around was quite unique – came from the direction of glenshee. Almost forgot as well the specters or whatever their called that appeared below me, of me like the grey man of Ben Macdui – sort of looked really neat in real life.
Title: Re: guilt, sun and a biplane!
Post by: dittzzy on 22:48:15, 06/11/11
Loving them clouds, guilt created or not, they add atmosphere.  Class!   O0 O0
Title: Re: guilt, sun and a biplane!
Post by: PistonPete on 22:50:59, 06/11/11
Smashing  O0
Title: Re: guilt, sun and a biplane!
Post by: dibble on 23:12:57, 06/11/11
Omg!  What amazing photos!  I love the way that mist clings around
the summits... and how amazing to see all those wonderful views
and the brocken spectre.  Amazing!  Thanks for sharing and yes I
know just what you mean about the guilt thing.   :)

I've started to have an attitude of it's ok to be out now though.   O0

Thanks for your sharing.  The thoughts you shared added to the trip report.  :)
Title: Re: guilt, sun and a biplane!
Post by: Cotswold Stroller on 18:00:28, 07/11/11
Great report and awesome pics O0

I had one of them guilt things yesterday morning!
Title: Re: guilt, sun and a biplane!
Post by: Micky on 19:08:47, 07/11/11
Brilliant Troy, love the pictures of the clouds sticking to the mountains.  O0
Title: Re: guilt, sun and a biplane!
Post by: Alex Quinn on 19:49:37, 07/11/11
Beautiful photos O0
Title: Re: guilt, sun and a biplane!
Post by: troy on 10:36:20, 08/11/11
cheers for the comments - it certainly was a great day - pity the cloud was on the first two munros but the views after certainly made up for it - I remember thinking that on the weather report it said that 90% of munros would be clear of cloud - hence the guilt and the cloudy munros my payment to it, and a longer drive back as they'ed closed an important route during the day for some thing or another and had to detour as far round as tomintoul - so could say I saw the cloud free cairngorms from three different directions whoopy do.
Title: Re: guilt, sun and a biplane!
Post by: Exit5man on 10:45:34, 08/11/11
Awesome photography ,Troy. That looks a brilliant day out . O0
Title: Re: guilt, sun and a biplane!
Post by: ramblingpete on 13:50:33, 08/11/11
very nice Troy - my favourite type of day O0