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Gear / Re: Get your kit out
« Last post by fernman on Today at 14:53:20 »
Gear List:

I wear the same clothes for day walks, too, except for loopstitch wool socks in place of Sealskins, and if it's hot weather I swap the microfleece shirt for a polycotton Craghoppers one and the trousers for shorts.
Photography / Re: Stunning Video
« Last post by fernman on Today at 14:43:52 »
Does Vimeo only work on later versions of Windows and not on XP?
On my netbook it opens when I click on Glyno's link but all I see is a black screen, with no sound either.
I've not had the chance to try it on my 8.1 desktop pc yet as my OH is using it for her work.
Lake District / Re: Beautiful Ullswater
« Last post by beefy on Today at 13:37:33 »
A superbly tranquil movie of a stunning location.  Thank you.

Just what I needed first thing on a Friday morning :)

How long did it take you to become proficient and comfortable with flying the drone?

Thanks  :)
Iím still uncomfortable flying
Usually its either too windy, wet, or too cold or we havenít got time because we have a bus to catch to fly it, on this occasion there was little wind and sunshine, you donít often get that on high fells where we normally go,
Thereís a lot to think about when flying a drone itís not always straightforward

Gear / Re: Get your kit out
« Last post by Doddy on Today at 12:45:35 »
 Kit List
Waterproof Jacket & Legs = ZPacks 3:1 Poncho backpack cover and ground sheet, ULA rain wrap
 Windproof = Patagonia Houdini
 Insulated Jacket = Montbell Thermawrap
Underpants Paramo
Thermals= Silk long johns and T shirts to sleep in.
 Scarf = Buff
 Socks = Bridgedale Trekker, three pair
Footwear = Scott Kinabalu Supertrac trail runners
 Rucksack = Zpacks ArcBlast, Cuben fibre liner and stuff sacks.
 Mapping = Memory Map GB 1.25K on Lenovo 2 phone, OS maps and printed A4 sheets with Ziploc type freezer bag for waterproofing, Map case.
 Portable charger= Lenovo
 Camera Ėon phone
Shelter= Tarptent Notch maybe TarpTentT Moment in late Autumn/Winter.
Mountain Hardware Summerlite sleeping bag and Silk liner, Mountain Laurel Designs Superlite bivvy bag.
Stove = Caldera cone alky setup/ Infernal cone if woodburning.
Water treatment Sawyer Squeeze/ Aquaventure tabs
Sleeping pad = Klymit ĺ inflatable.sea to Summit pillow
Pacerpoles from PacerPoles
Mountain Hardware zipoff trousers
Rohan or Paramo long sleeved shirt
Rohan T shirt
Paramo underpants
Hat =wide brimmed
1 pair Bridgdale Trekker socks.
Base weight=6.41 Kg. I often set off with three days food with a total weight of around 9Kg.
The Lenovo2 phone is heavy; about 175 gm as it has large battery but has 3 days continuous use so a charger is not always necessary. On longer treks I can go longer than three days as I switch only for clarity as I use the paper maps most of the time.
Long Distance Walks / Re: Looking for a nice long-walk!
« Last post by Rather be walking on Today at 12:26:14 »
I'm planning to walk the Greater Ridgeway this summer.

A 370 mile long distance footpath crossing England from Lyme Regis to Hunstanton on the Norfolk Coast.
It is a combined route which is made from the joining of four other long distance footpaths - the Wessex Ridgeway, The Ridgeway National Trail, the Icknield Way and the Peddars Way National Trail.

For some strange reason it is longer classified as a Long Distance Path ??? but I'm still walking it. O0

Photography / Re: Stunning Video
« Last post by lostme1 on Today at 11:58:42 »
Not something you would want to encouter out walking
Long Distance Walks / Re: Looking for a nice long-walk!
« Last post by Maria Fernanda on Today at 11:34:44 »
Hi guys. I have been researching the Camino de Santiago, especially the north way. [/font][/size]Many people say that it is an incredible route to walk. Im from Colombia but I'm planning to become a pilgrim in 2018. Probably, Iīll walk the north ways, is the route of the Camino de Santiago that runs along the north coast of Spain. Someone here has done it before?  ;)

I am planning to hire the services of a travel agency , the name is Santiago Ways ( I don't wanna walk alone! :)
General Walking Discussion / Re: Route Planner
« Last post by Jac on Today at 11:31:15 »

Ahh, no.  I don't think you can "set routes" (not in the same way where you can save them and up/down(?)load them to a device).  To measure the distance of your planned walk:  Select the OS map option and zoom in to your preferred map scale.  Right click on your start point. Then left click on your next chosen point on the map (eg. following a PRoW line.  The cumulative distance "travelled" will show in the box on the left.  You can still toggle between the different layout choices (eg. Aerial, Road, etc.)

I just find it a quick, easy way of getting an idea of how long my walk will be when scheming and planning on dark, dreary evenings  :)

Fantastic!!!!! I didn't realise you could do this on Bing. Even better than my piece of string as it notes the mileage at each point you click and then prints out too!

Thank you

General Walking Discussion / Re: False MRT call out man faces jail
« Last post by Doddy on Today at 11:30:48 »

If what is done is wrong it is wrong. If he needs help to understand that so be it. Personally I like the idea of some litter picking so he experiences the consequences of his actions.

International / Re: Poland, Tatras. advice please
« Last post by Jac on Today at 10:54:50 »
Hi PNut
Feeling very guilty that I haven't done a TR
It was fantastic and thanks to you and the incredibly helpful bus drivers we had absolutely no problems with buses or trains - polish people are just amazingly courteous. As we would have had an hours wait for the direct bus from the airport into Krakow the driver of another bus took us on his bus a lovely route through the leafy suburbs where few tourists would bother to go then wrote down the numbers of the next buses we could catch and made sure we knew exactly which stop to go to to catch them. The driver of the coach to Zakopane dropped us as close to our hotel as he could and gave us detailed walking directions (actually they weren't quite correct but the kindness was there and we enjoyed the extended walk). In fact everyone we met was polite, helpful and friendly, even the lady who, after we'd queued for an hour in 40C, gently and patiently instructed us on the train times back to the airport and was just so lovely that we all just burst into laughter when she eventually made us understand that we could buy tickets on the train so hadn't needed to queue at all!!
The walking was great, the mountain refuges excellent though quite busy and had we not booked well ahead we would have been sleeping on the floor or outside on the ground with many others instead of in comfy beds, food was good too though saukraut soup for breakfast did defeat me. And, of course  absolutely superb scenery, but ......... highlight for me .....we saw a bear just 10 feet away.
A few pics;
view from our bedroom window, Morskie Oko

'Black' tarn above Morskie Oko

Rosebay willowherb meadows

Harebells. Lots of these of a beautiful deep blue

Who walks up must walk down

One of the refuges (hardly a hut!)

No room in the Inn. A group of danish walkers having a lie in. No tents allowed.

And we fiinished in style with a ride in one of the horse 'taxis'.
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