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Wales / Walked Snowdon for the first time, loved it!
« Last post by stuartpb on Today at 13:23:18 »
Earlier this year I set myself a challenge, I wanted to start on walking Snowdon, Ben Nevis and then Kilimanjaro, over 3 or 4 years. The first walk would be Snowdon. I decided to try and raise some funds for SSAFA - The Armed Forces Charity by getting sponsorship to walk it. I'd set myself a target of 500, that got smashed and I ended up raising over 1300. We lost my dad while he was in service with the army, so SSAFA is a charity close to our hearts. For the Snowdon walk, I asked 3 mates to join me. We completed the walk on the 5th of August.

Two of my mates went down to Snowdon the day before the walk and stopped at the YHA at Pen y Pass. My other mate and I left Doncaster at 3am on the day of the walk. It took us nearly 4 hours with a rest break to get there. We had a mess about getting parked but set off about 0815hrs. We ascended via the Pyg Track. I was pretty nervous about that route, for 2 reasons. First, I'm scared of height - to the point I've frozen on a ladder before. Second, my wife found a news report a couple of days before we left that a man had fallen 70m off the track. So it was fair to say I had my concerns. One of my mates has done Snowdon many times, he's as fit as a fiddle, he was the walk leader and I trust him so that put my mind at ease a bit.

The first climb was good, we got to the junction where the Crib Goch route starts without any drama at all. The next section with the flatter walk was welcome though! Myself and one of my mates aren't the fittest of lads so it was fairly hard going but manageable. When we started the 3rd section when things started getting a bit tougher one of the lads started slowing down a lot so our leader told us to follow the path and he'd get the lad up. There were parts of the ascent I didn't like, where the drop off was grim (for me) and people were pushing or bumping into others. It was really busy by this time.

So two of us found our way up to the summit, the other two joined us about 20 minutes later. It was a great feeling and we were buzzing! The cloud was covering the summit so we couldn't see much and it was freezing too! We'd come prepared with warm kit so that wasn't a problem. We stopped to have something to eat and then discussed which route down we were going to take. Our leader wanted us to come down via the Pyg Track/ Miners Track but I wasn't keen on that as some of the points we went up worried me with my fear of heights and I knew it would be worse coming down. So we decided to walk the Llanberis path.

I'd managed to break a toe the week before we done the walk and on the ascent it didn't give me any problems at all. I had it strapped up and all was well. That was until we started on the descent, the toe was throbbing after about 20 minutes, by the time an hour had passed it was painful. I carried on though, it wasn't bad enough that I couldn't walk or where it was making me limp. It did slow me down a lot though. We stopped off at the cafe half way down the path, for a sandwich and drink and then cracked on again. I have to say, the Llanberis Path was starting to feel like it was never ending by that time!

We finally made it down and stopped for a beer at the pub at the end of the Llanberis Path, we got talking to a bloke from the Mountain Rescue team, they'd had a couple of call outs while we were on the mountain. We completed the walk in about 8 and a half hours, we were never going to break any records but that isn't why we done it. We took our time and enjoyed it, even my mate who was struggling wants to go back, we all do! I've done many miles lowlands walks and hill walking in the Peak District but Snowdon was hard for me. Hard but bloody rewarding!

We stopped at the Snowdon Ranger YHA that night, had a few beers and a decent meal too. I have to say Snowdonia is absolutely stunning and I want to spend a lot more time there!!

A few piccies from the walk, I'm the one with the red hat on.

Wales / Re: Crib Goch for vertigo sufferers
« Last post by Owen on Today at 13:03:00 »
That's the normal way of doing it, isn't it?
« Last post by kinkyboots on Today at 12:50:03 »
Altberg Tethera Ladies 3 Season Boots Size 6 Wide Width Fitting - only worn twice. RRP 199.99

Buy It Now Price 95 plus 6.50 1st Class Signed For Postage or Make Offer.

These have been advertised before so I would guess that an offer around 75-80 may stand a good chance of being accepted.
Gear / Re: Chinese Import Down Sleeping Bags..Anyone used them?
« Last post by stuartpb on Today at 12:44:52 »
I've ordered a new winter sleeping bag and it isn't a Chinese import. I ended up ordering an Alpkit SkyeHigh 900. I would have got a Chinese import though, if there wasn't doubt about the temperature limits they give, it felt like too much of a gamble for an essential piece of kit. If I had planned on 3 season usage I might have risked it but the new bag is for winter use only. I have lots of bags for summer use and also some hammock top quilts. The plucking of live ducks/ geese for their down is pretty damned grim though so if I had I don't think I'd have felt comfortable knowing that the down could be obtained like that. Thanks everyone for your opinions and advice, much appreciated.
Wales / Crib Goch for vertigo sufferers
« Last post by Penygadair on Today at 11:47:05 »
A little video for entertainment.

You will have to put up with the adverts I'm afraid.
Good grief, not a spot you want to find yourself at in bad weather. I wonder if he tried to get down via the gully not realising it was so steep?

Well this is a puzzle, and the thought process involved might seem like nit-picking to the rescue team but could be very illuminating for us hikers. Almost no accident in any field depends on one single mishap, there is usually a chain or pyramid of contributing factors. Add to this the strange ways the human mind reacts under stress, and there can be much to learn from incidents on the hill.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Backpack weight
« Last post by Alan Kilroy on Today at 10:59:49 »
Day hike. 13lbs. / 5.9kg. 2 Litres of water and food. Last Thursday hike. Osprey Talon 33.
« Last post by fernman on Today at 10:45:44 »
***Edit: Sorry folks, the offer is now CLOSED, someone applied within 5 minutes of me posting***

Daysack Rain Cover FREE - one only. First come first served.

The olive-colour rain cover I ordered for my new Vaude Jura 30 daysack was delivered yesterday, and I am now giving away the orange one that came with the sack, as I wrote on here on 04 August that I would

It is 100% new and unused, and as illustrated below. The sack dimensions are 56 x 30 x 26 cm.

I will put it in a jiffy bag and send it to the first member who PMs me an address (just your username will do if you're shy about revealing your real name) at no cost to you whatsoever.
Welcome / Re: Campsites
« Last post by Carrington on Today at 10:41:38 »
That's a great find.....thank you  O0
Gear / Re: What's Your Latest Walking Kit Purchase?
« Last post by Sloth on Today at 10:17:41 »
Nesty, I cannot believe you blame the Woods for that! Obviously it was something you ate!  ;D
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