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Soaking Feet
« on: 13:48:46, 13/08/17 »

I'm new to (proper) walking and have been finding my feet hammering after walks (mine are quite short at the minute)

Probably a dumb question however is soaking feet still a thing?  I used to do a radox bowl as a kid.  Does this help or is it a hinderance?




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Re: Soaking Feet
« Reply #1 on: 18:37:24, 13/08/17 »
Don't know about benefits or otherwise of soaking feet...but patently looking after your feet in general makes a big difference.

Most likely biggest priority (assuming you've no blatantly obvious problem) is to check for any hard skin areas, and get rid of those. Then sort any "athletes foot" issues. Then keep  feet skin relatively soft and supple by treating them a couple of times a week with foot care cream. (Something like E45 fine for that.)

But if those sorts of quick fixes don't give quick results...ask round for a good local'd probably only need to go once or twice for them to identify any problem areas, and talk you through a good "maintenance" routine.


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Re: Soaking Feet
« Reply #2 on: 19:56:16, 13/08/17 »

I don't know if it's the officially approved thing to do, but I always like to soak my feet - and preferably the rest of me too - in a radox bath after a long walk.  It does soothe aching feet in my experience.
I was once told it ought to be an ice bath, but stuff that.

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Re: Soaking Feet
« Reply #3 on: 20:12:49, 13/08/17 »
Its up to you what you use or how you do it. snake oil to be honest 😀

Your feet will get used to long walk over hard stoney ground over time, if your no used to walking regular over that you will have sore feet for a while even using good boots.

Their are places i go like some of the fire roads in the forests have been laid with very rought quarry waste so that wagons can use them.

If i have a break from walking and then go over those places i get sore feet for a day or so, you will soon get used to wandering over boulder fields like Haycock and Scafell ect just got to keep at it.


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Re: Soaking Feet
« Reply #4 on: 20:15:44, 14/08/17 »
Ok so the bottom line is suck it up and I'll get used to it  O0

I did give em a soak in Radox (wow it was an effort to find the salts) and they felt so much better.

Is the rule of thumb then to keep the skin soft?  I rather thought having hard skin would be better?

Thanks and sorry for the dumb questions :)