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Long Distance Walks / Re: Cumbria Way
« Last post by madame cholet on Today at 22:11:38 »
Wet weather plan is the morning shopping in Keswick lol. Great I like my tablet for photos and it gives me a gr if I'm unsure. The phone will be ok just to call my oh to say I'm ok.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Duke of Edinburgh - Weight to Carry
« Last post by NeilC on Today at 22:08:29 »
My son's doing his bronze practice expedition next week. I'm gonna let him use all their hire kit and take whatever. No doubt it will be twice as heavy as it needs to be.

Maybe then he'll appreciate all the effort I to for our weekend backpacking trips and take a bit more interest in what unpack and why.
Long Distance Walks / Re: Cumbria Way
« Last post by bricam2096 on Today at 22:02:13 »
When I did the Cumbria Way and stayed at Skiddaw House, the reception didn't open until 5pm so if you're just walking from Keswick to there, you'll have a long wait. I seem to recall them emailling me the door entry code to get in before 5pm.

Also, there are no plugs if you need to charge up a phone but I asked the warden nicely and he charged it up in the little reception.
Long Distance Walks / Re: Cumbria Way
« Last post by madame cholet on Today at 21:49:34 »
I'm starting on 10th May should be doing Skiddaw on 15th. Would Sale How be better than via Whitewater Dash?

Wales / Re: Parking - Snowdon
« Last post by - Dave - on Today at 21:40:14 »
If you're around on Saturday, I'm horseshoe-ing
Long Distance Walks / Re: Cumbria Way
« Last post by Ridge on Today at 21:36:27 »
I was going to say pretty much what Glyno did.
Skiddaw you'll have no problems but Glaramara can feel like a maze, even in ok weather don't get complacent.
Long Distance Walks / Re: Cumbria Way
« Last post by Glyno on Today at 21:20:56 »
My cicerone guidebook has just arrived fancy a couple of the higher routes or bits of them weather permitting. I have a short day Keswick YHA to Skidaw House what's Skiddaw like I've not done any big summits since my ex left although I've always been the navigator, the only time he said he knew the way we got lost. I did the c2c and Cleveland way solo.
I also fancy Glaramara on the way to Borrowdale is it easy route finding? I don't like scary exposed ridges.

Keswick to Skiddaw House can be done in a couple of hours. I'd definitely be looking to add to the route, maybe cross Skiddaw summit and drop down Sale How? Still a bit on the short side but very straight-forward.

Glaramara can be a bit tricky in poor weather/visibility unless you're a competent navigator. Shouldn't be a problem in fine weather though, and there's no scarey, exposed ridge I can think of.

Out of interest, when are you doing this?
Gear / Re: The little items that make hiking so much better.
« Last post by gunwharfman on Today at 20:57:48 »
On a wild camping wet night, miles from the nearest pub but with a hip flask full of brandy, hopefully with a good wifi signal, a decent sized screen and be able to watch a good film before dozing off.

I have to confess I've never done it but I often day dream about such an occasion. One day I'm sure my luck will be in.

I've just finished watching 'In the heat of the night' with Sidney Poiter and Rod Steiger, what a great film, good photography and colours, good sound and clear speech. An ideal watch!

So a full hip flash for me and the brandy, Courvoisier of course!

Gear / Re: Day sack dilemma!! Find me a (cheaper) alternative!
« Last post by nesty on Today at 20:28:14 »
Nothing like a bargain and the best thing to do is pair companies off against one another (ie price match +10%). If you are a Go discount holder paring them off against say Milliets or black (who like allied carpets of outdoor gear, always a 20% sale) can wipe loads off.

I used to have a 10L Vaude my old cycling hydration pack. However nowadays there isn't much wearing difference I feel between that and a 20-25L. 

The trouble is with a 9L. I found I could only get a can of beans and a small coat into it. Do you have the Mary Poppins packing technique?! :D
Gear / Re: Day sack dilemma!! Find me a (cheaper) alternative!
« Last post by sussamb on Today at 19:59:39 »
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