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Long Distance Walks / Re: Shropshire Way
« Last post by harland on Today at 10:38:20 »
Thanks for your comments. Having walked a number of the "long" LDPs (i.e. over 200 miles) this seems to fit what I am looking for.  I enjoyed the bit I did on my Lejog so I will start planning the walk/accommodation over the winter and finally decide in the New Year.
I caught a bus from Portsmouth to Clanfield yesterday, then walked across country to Petersfield. Absolutely fantastic, the sun was out, not a cloud in the sky, the sky was bright blue (as I see it through my colour blind eyes) I had coffee and cake halfway and the leaves on the trees are changing colour fast. I then caught the train home.
I'm sure coastal walks are great for many, many people but not for me. I live near the beach and see the sea most days of my life so the idea of walking for days always seeing the water to one side of me is not my idea of fun. Saying that though, I'm fine walking around the edges of lakes. I walked around Bewl Water, just south of Tunbridge Wells a couple of months ago and really enjoyed the experience.
3.5 mile circuit of Loch Morlich in the Cairngorms in the fading light yesterday evening. Beautiful autumn colours, birch especially, and spotted a group of red deer standing like statues on the forest track. Also a red squirrel on a branch above my head, bushy tail silhouetted against the evening sky.
Then into the Pine Martin Bar for a pint or two. :)

Just what I needed after the stress of the house move!
General Walking Discussion / Re: Naked Ramblers
« Last post by gunwharfman on Today at 10:04:59 »
'Closer to nature' what do these three words actually mean? I feel that, as I interpret them, when I have clothes on. I really couldn't cope getting out of my tent, on a wet dewy, chilly and possibly breezy morning naked. Horrible thought! And has already been mentioned, the problem of nettles and briars, I'd be itchy and scratchy all day! The desire to do it just doesn't compute in my head and knowing me I'd be asking myself "what's the message" that the individual wants me the viewer to take on board?
Long Distance Walks / Re: Shropshire Way
« Last post by barewirewalker on Today at 09:56:02 »
Sorry to see that you are not getting any response to this topic. I am a Salopian born and bred, proud of the county I live in, unfortunately I have never walked the Shropshire Way as along distance walk, so not able to help from the perspective of a visitor. I do know the terrain pretty well, at some time or another both as a countryman and as a walker and will follow your progress with interest.

The SW will take you through some lovely countryside and if you believe the marketing blurb, the best the county has to offer. Sadly the SW is the product of the Corruption of the Definitive Map, a route created out of the footpaths that got onto that official document and trying it's best to make a way around without being forced off onto the highway network. It however does not reflect the hospitality of true Salopians, whom, I hope you will meet and help you on your way.

You should look at the Wilderhope Manor Hostel as a place to stay on the Wenlock Edge section, it is a fairly unique experience and perhaps worth sacrificing the fleshpots of Much Wenlock or Craven Arms for. Should your daily distance traveled make this a dilemma.

If anything else comes to mind I'll add it here  :)
Gear / Re: Advice on winter hiking gear
« Last post by gunwharfman on Today at 09:53:09 »
Thanks 'forgotmyoldpassword,' your way of looking at the possibility of me getting a Rab Microlight jacket has initiated to do some more thinking about it.  As a 'wander off to the pub' bit of clothing, or as a 'killing time by my tent bit' of clothing it will do the job but not necessarily is ideal for actually walking in? Is this the basic nuts and bolts of your thinking?

If it is, that makes sense to me. At present, I have two synthetic warm jackets purchased from Alpkit, although they are two different colours they nearly look the same but in use however they are not the same. With my windproof jacket over the top, my black one, when I'm wearing it as I walk it works very well, it keeps me comfortably warm and condensation free, unless I'm really puffing and panting uphill of course. But if I'm wearing my blue jacket under my windproof jacket then condensation is really a problem (which is why I no longer wear it) so I take from your write-up that with a Rab Microlight on, I could when walking be presented by my blue jacket's problem, namely excessive condensation?

General Walking Discussion / Re: Naked Ramblers
« Last post by Jac on Today at 09:43:58 »
I don't want to shock or offend.

Why people are shocked/offended by the sight of an unclothed human is beyond me.  Being shocked/offended by some people's behaviour I can understand.
Lake District / Re: Contrasting views from Gummer's How
« Last post by sunnydale on Today at 09:43:22 »
Two lovely pics O0
Rest of England / Re: Brantingham
« Last post by sunnydale on Today at 09:42:02 »
Nice photos pleb O0
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