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International / Re: Mayrhofen Walks
« Last post by glovepuppet on Today at 21:37:29 »

Hi Ninthace

I walked for a week there a few years back - see link to blog below. Might give you some pointers. If I were picking Ann ascent of the Ahorn is good although we didn't complete it! Also walks above the Penken lift and in three surrounding valleys. Hope this helps you choose.
Gear / meindl bhutan boots size 8.5 for sale as new
« Last post by col3064 on Today at 21:09:28 »
meindl bhutan boots size 8.5 as new used for half a mile,so mint they just seem to narrow for me ,paid 179.99 from go out doors sheffield,90 collected or 95 posted,iam in south sheffield,boots are as new with box
International / Re: Mayerhofen Walks - Austria
« Last post by ninthace on Today at 20:43:27 »
Just bumping the thread in the hope of a reply.
Scotland / Re: Glenfinnan Car Park
« Last post by sparnel on Today at 20:34:41 »
So there you are Lyndon............that's probably put you right off! Let's know what you think in post No.4
Gear / Re: for sale Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock
« Last post by Hannahw on Today at 20:27:58 »
cheers, I was just messaging someone on gumtree about a blackbird hammock - is this the same one?  :) 
International / Re: Walking through Corsica.
« Last post by vizzavona on Today at 20:27:48 »
Yes Corsica is a great island for walking tours.
The GR20 is full on with a loaded pack on day one coming to the high ground from Calinzana...around 1,600 mtrs. plus the early start when the air is cooler is to be sought after.  Additionally you have the two litres of water to include. We also came in from Calinzana a year later to travel the first three stages of the GR20. On this occasion it rained from half way until we reached the camping at Piobbu which gave us a cooler day in fact more like a home day out. We had two objectives for  this trip.  To reach Monti Cintu and then get down to Bastia and to reach the start of the MM Nord at Moriani.  Later, when I came in from Conca in the South, the first day was more relaxing and also a more gradual easing into walking with the big pack.
MM Nord is very rural walking in the early stages....near empty villages but with fine wee trails connecting.   Corte is a splendid town to stay for a couple of days.  The Tavignanu mule track up to refuge A Sega is a good day out and a choice of ways to get to Col di Vergio followed by two more days out to reach the sea at Cargese. These days are shared with the Mare e Monti Nord.
We had another journey beginning in Calizana when we connected the M e M Nord and both the Mare e Monti Sud,  with a bus into Ajaccio to reach the start, and that led us onto the Mare a Mare Sud at Burgo to a finish in Porto Vecchio.
The Mare a Mare Central was reached by the bus from Bastia for a start.  Pleasant in the Central area where you cross the GR20 at the Bocca Laparo.
Of course there is a lighter way to travel in Corse if you elect to stay in the refuges that have to booked in advance or to hire one of the erected tents found at each refuge.  For us the carried tent is more flexible for the days where we will end up at for a camp and also at the end of a walk we usually have a couple of days in a coastal camping site so no need for hotel expenses etc.

Gear / Android Back country gps
« Last post by Brissy1960 on Today at 20:03:02 »
Has anybody used the app Back country GPS on their android mobile phone.?
Is it any good ??

Gear / Re: for sale Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock
« Last post by beefy on Today at 19:40:48 »
Hi, is this still available?

Yes it is  :)
News and Articles / Re: Mountain rescue information
« Last post by Dyffryn Ardudwy on Today at 19:17:40 »
All sound advice, but what if there is no phone signal for miles around.
Last Wednesday, i thought i would re visit the famous Tregaron to Llanwrtyd Wells, Drovers Rd, that follows the area of hills in Mid Wales, known as the Welsh Desert.

The road is 21miles long, and far narrower than i remembered it.
As a kind of experiment, i had three mobile phones with me, mainly because i had been ticked off by relatives for not taking a mobile with me, when walking the hills.

I am sad to report, that the old red telephone box, around seven miles outside Tregaron, is now derelict, still in decent repair, with its glass panels in place, but the phone and internal bits and pieces have now been removed.

My first phone, an old Sony Ericcson, was useless, no signal at all.
The second, a cheapy from Asda, costing only 10, was also useless.

I brought out my Apple I phone 5, thinking with this kind of technology, i must be able to phone a friend back home.

All three phones were useless, and it was touch and go in Tregaron, with only the Iphone gaining a good signal.

Calling out the Mountain Rescue, is fine, if one can obtain a clear signal, but the article was written by someone who has not taken into account, the very remote rural areas of the Uk, where due to a tiny population, the phone providers cannot see the need to spend considerable money to install ugly phone masts.

The only provider who can give me a reliable signal in sleepy Dyffryn, is EE.
Vodaphone, Virgin and the other big names, see no point in spending money on such small populated areas.

Whilst voting in the elections a few weeks ago, i asked how many were on the Harlech, Llanfair, Dyffryn, and Barmouth register, 2128 lost souls.

Parts of Mid Wales are in effect a no go area, because if one falls ill, or is involved in an accident, phoning for the emergency services is a non starter.

Still a very interesting article to read, but contacting the mountain rescue the other side of Abergwesyn, forget it.
Gear / Re: Shorts - Light on Fabric, Long on Price
« Last post by Dyffryn Ardudwy on Today at 18:54:06 »
By far the best shorts for walking, are ones made by Salomon.
Their more designed for the distance trail runners, but are manufactured to very high standards, and are fairly long as well, so will provide good leg protection.
If you want high quality fully waterproof shorts, OMM manufacture some using their Gellanots fabric.
Their a bit on the pricey side, but like the Salomons, are high quality items, and both shorts are lightweight.
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