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Photography / Re: My best pic of the day
« Last post by Hillhiker1 on Today at 19:40:58 »
Marvellous! Iconic indeed.  O0 O0
General Walking Discussion / Re: Advice on tour du mont blanc?
« Last post by gunwharfman on Today at 19:36:27 »
The footpath from Chamonix to Les Houche is almost flat and so easy to walk. I was in camping on the Les Houche site at the time, I had a spare day, it was sunny and hot, so I walked to Chamonix, had a look around, had a meal and then walked back. The following morning I was so lucky, two young female campers gave me a lift in their car, all the way into central Paris.
Welcome / Re: Hi
« Last post by Bigfoot_Mike on Today at 19:36:23 »
Welcome from Aberdeenshire

A trip along the Thames on the Thames Clipper, a visit to the Tower Bridge Exhibiton and a visit to Southwark Cathedral and Borough Market with my son. Oh and I tried my first ever oyster!!
General Walking Discussion / Re: Advice on tour du mont blanc?
« Last post by dank86 on Today at 19:21:59 »
I'm planning g on doing it in July with a tent. I'm spending the night before I start in Chamonix and will get my gas etc there to then get the train times houches.

Plenty of places to fill up with water from what I've seen so no need to carry more than 1 water bladder.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Bleaklow Route Please
« Last post by Jim Parkin on Today at 19:11:10 »
Old Glossop (say SK046948) up Doctor's Gate and along the Pennine Way at the top towards the Shelf Stones, thewould give a there and back route along the same path on fairly good going. 

Or you could continue back via [the forum doesn't allow me to print the name of a male chicken ] Hill SK059960, which is OKish  but damp going, if I remember rightly
Off to Ambleside in the Lake District for a long weekend. Walking up hills will be a change from my usual trail walking, it's been a while.

Mind you, when I booked it, I did so with the thought of snow on the hills, good photos and great scenery with my winter gear, however it looks nearer to shorts and tshirt weather.
Rest of England / Re: Hadrian's Wall Path: Trip report
« Last post by FTSTTLB on Today at 18:06:55 »
What would make it the one for you? (or not the one for you)
Lake District / Re: Blencathra in the snow
« Last post by pdstsp on Today at 17:07:18 »
Absolutely beautiful - almost Alpine.

Spot on - I think it's the way the sky makes the snow look blue - love days like that.
Long Distance Walks / Re: Mileage 2019
« Last post by G2EWS on Today at 16:24:52 »
If you would like to participate, just click 'quote', edit out the bracketed quote comments at the start and end, and add your name to the list.

NAME                          TARGET                     MILEAGE                ASCENT
richardh                       2000                            301
G2EWS                        2000                           249.6                                             
Jac                              1000                            161.9
Hillhiker1                     1000                            85.1
April                            1040                            113.1                    10426
Beefy                           2019                           259.9                     15719
Steve922                     1000                            84
Mel                               365                            5.0
Ridge                            520                            60.5
Jontea                           520                            47
Bricam2096                  1500                            201
uktyler                         2000                            250.85     
fit old bird                    1000                            121
1slandmonkey (Ben)       365                            15.48
Yorkshiremarv               1500                           69                      5675 ft
AFANASIEW                  1500                            0
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