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Gear / Re: Garmin 64s
« Last post by ninthace on Today at 15:03:19 »
I use Freizetkarte GB as my background map and download Birdseye 25k mapping from Garmin for the area I am walking in. I find by just getting a map tile to cover the area of my walk I can keep costs down. Garmin also comp'ed me a few thousand sq km of extra mapping when I found a bug that stopped V1.0 and V2.0 maps working together on the same screen. I can't say I have ever had a problem with blurring on zooming with  Birdseye maps even on the 1cm to 50m zoom.
I would never download or buy 25km mapping of a large area of the UK - no point in buying maps of areas where you aren't going to walk and I think it slows down the boot up time on the Garmin if you store it on the memory card.
Or what about a long distance path? Hadrians Wall, Dales Way, Cotswold Way all doable in a week, or less if you're a fast walker.
Long Distance Walks / Re: The silly season
« Last post by rural roamer on Today at 14:57:37 »
They've not got lost after the London marathon have they?  :D
Long Distance Walks / Re: The silly season
« Last post by forest view on Today at 14:39:07 »
I hope the weather warms upa bit for him it`s snowing a blizzard here today. The last time a naked rambler was at Byrness he walked past and went straight up onto the cheviot ridge I wouldn`t have cared but the ladies in that night were relieved. Joyce
Long Distance Walks / Re: The silly season
« Last post by tonyk on Today at 14:33:55 »
This gentleman was at Tanhill a couple of days ago so I should imagine he will be with you by the weekend.

Gear / Re: Garmin 64s
« Last post by pauldawes on Today at 14:22:01 »
180 quid for 1 to 25k OS quality mapping is much, much cheaper than full OS paper mapping of UK would be....that would be several thousand quids worth.

I suspect because it's been a long term hobby for most of us, and we've bought maps one by one as we've explored new areas we forget how "expensive" paper mapping is. (Still wonderful value as far as I'm concerned.)

But even so 180 quid is a fair chunk of money, and given the quality of some of the open source mapping available I can see why many (most?) people use them. I've now got two gps with full U.K. Maps with Ordnance Survey at 1 to 50k, the other with open source maps...I find both more than adequate for type of walking I do.

Incidentally on gps, if using Ordnance Survey maps, find 1 to 50k works better for me than 1 to 25k. I don't preload routes, just look at paper map night before walk, and decide route in my mind.

On walk I then just look at gps from time to time to see if I''m on route I decided night before. Doing it this way, find having larger area on screen is more important than extra detail available on 1 to 25k maps. (Nearly always take paper map as well in case something forces a major change of route...when that happens being able to look at large area at once makes re-plan easier.)
Wales / Re: Clogwyn y arete
« Last post by ljmeerkat75 on Today at 13:50:56 »
 O0 Sweet that would save me some luggage on the train and the dog seems like a solid climber too
There are 2 right next to each other on the main drag from Keswick to Ambleside...just outside Keswick.
The one of the RH side of the lane is Castlerigg Hall, the one a tad further on on the LH side is Castlerigg Farm.
Stayed at both - CF years ago, CH 2 weeks ago.
I would go for CF - lower down and less wind-prone. There's a footpath that goes into town (30 min walk) where you should try Cow Pie at the George - if you're man enough ;-)
Are the couple near Keswick I see, Keswick Caravan and Camping club site and Braithwaite Bridges. Are they the ones you mean?


South West England / Re: Gourmet Food Walk
« Last post by Jac on Today at 12:20:00 »
Yum - food, drink and walking in glorious Devon - my ideal day out! and Devon Freewheelers is very worthwhile cause.
Rather like mountain rescue, air ambulance etc one that hopefully you'll never need yourself but would be very grateful to if you did.

Date is Sunday 4 June from Kilmington. Booking, through wackynation, closes 21 May. I'm not connected in any way with them and trust that they don't cream off cash from the Freewheelers.

Perhaps this could be clarified? 
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