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Gear / Re: What's Your Latest Walking Kit Purchase?
« Last post by BuzyG on Today at 18:09:43 »
I use my smartphone a lot when I'm hiking so I decided to visit PC World yesterday. I bought one or their soft touch stylus pens for £1.99. I left my last one in a coffee shop recently and couldn't be bothered to walk a mile back to see if it was still there and collect it. I've never liked on-screen keyboards as I'm forever correcting mistakes when I finger-type so I find a stylus much easier to use, especially when I'm on the move. If I need to do a bit of work in the evening and settled with a pint I use a cheap Bluetooth folding keyboard.

Interesting, I didn't ever consider using a stylus pen.  May give it a go as my fingers are on the large size.  O0

Does it work on a wet screen?
Two I use:
Cow Bridge (free)  NY 4025 1339

Blae Tarn (free) NY 2955 0433
General Walking Discussion / Please Help...
« Last post by peter670 on Today at 17:35:55 »
Hi guys,

I have created a survey directed at hikers and it would be really helpful if you could complete it. I am redesigning a piece of equipment and your input would be much appreciated. Just copy the link here at

Gear / Excellent customer service from Terra Nova
« Last post by richardh1905 on Today at 17:15:56 »

I must compliment Terra Nova on their customer service.

Recently I broke the short pole on my early 90's Wild Country Trisar tent. Yesterday morning I rang about a spare as their website said 'out of stock' for the exact replacement part. I asked whether a Quasar short pole would do instead (only £2 more), as it was the same length and they are similar shaped tents. After a short wait whilst the sales person checked, I was told 'Yes'. Placed the order online straight away...

..and this morning a well packaged Quasar short pole arrived in Orkney by Royal Mail. Superb service.
5  Have a look at my post on this thread. #8
Gear / Re: What's Your Latest Walking Kit Purchase?
« Last post by Ralph on Today at 15:53:12 »
Speedster 30ml alcohol burner for use with Esbit  cookset.
For a day - phone and camera, sometimes not even the camera. For longer I take a Petzl headtorch, extra phone battery (LG G5 takes a removable one), pocket torch and a spare camera battery.

I always travel light and don't drive.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Please Help Me!! Urgent
« Last post by tonyk on Today at 14:30:34 »
 I have done the survey but he dosen't point out the market he is targeting."Camping" is a blanket name for a very diverse activity.The needs of the backpacker are going to be different to someone with a family tent and car.
Garmin gps. 1 set of batteries will last at least a week of normal hiking.
2 Head Torches, his and hers. Carried but never been used in anger outside the house.
1 phone (on) - only loses around 12% of its charge a day if not running ViewRanger.
2 sets of spare batteries in ziploc bag.
There’s a nice on right at the end of Hartsop, in Patterdale with room for about twelve to fifteen cars and you just put a donation into the honesty box.

I use this car park a lot and it gets jammed full by about 10am. There is parking at Cow Bridge (free) on the A592 which for some reason doesn't often seem to be full.
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