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Long Distance Walks / Re: Mileage 2020
« Last post by Bhod on Today at 06:46:35 »
NAME                          TARGET                      MILEAGE

richardh                       1500                            100
Bigfoot_Mike.                520                             2
Jimbob.                       1460                             87
Ridge                            520                             63.4
Little Foot                      732                             37
Jac                              1250
tonyk                           500                              22
G2EWS                        2000                             148.2
Rural roamer.                520.                             35
WhitstableDave            3000                             294.0
Yorkshiremarv               500                              88.95
uktyler                        2020                              32.
Bhod                           1000                              36
strawy                          500                              52.13
Fit old Bird                   1000                              90
General Walking Discussion / Re: Most Beautiful Summit
« Last post by BuzyG on Today at 00:09:23 »
  I spent a winter night at the observatory on the other Pic du Midi in the Pyreness  (the de Bigorre one).  Seeing the sun go down on the chain of the Pyrenees and then come up again at dawn was a truly magical experience.  We also got to have a go with a telescope to observe Saturn and a few other sights.
Saturn, now that is a beautiful sight on a crisp evening.  We have a small reflector in the loft and now and again, I will spend an evening observing.  :)
A nice smattering of snow on the Dartmoor web cam this morning.  So I took the afternoon off and headed up Great Links, from the Dartmoor Inn (the Okehampton range was off limits)

Enjoyed the walk up, with a stiff breeze on my back.  Just s I reached the shelter of the summit rocks a blizzard rolled in.  I took a quick video, which finished off my phone battery and the OS App GPS refused to work after I reset and hooked up my battery pack.  Thinking about it later I was hunkered down under a granite wall 15m+ high.  Any way with just a 50k paper map and compass and visibility at naff all, I decided to simply head straight back down again, rather than continue on to Green Tor.

A little moor added to the knowledge bank. O0
More lovely pics  O0
Lake District / Re: TR Mungrisdale Common Sat 25 Jan 20
« Last post by Ridge on Yesterday at 23:02:41 »
Squeaky looks very unsure at the summit cairn, even she realises its not all that as a hill.
If I recall correctly, the wrapper of the compressed dates was a nightmare to get off and your fingers stayed sticky for the rest of the day.

Yes, that's right!
Tt was very thin cellophane  which stuck to the block, and disintegrated as you tried to unwrap it
We did our best, but the fact that it was so thin, and transparent, and stuck so tightly meant that we almost certainly swallowed some of the wrapper as well
Lake District / Re: TR Mungrisdale Common Sat 25 Jan 20
« Last post by richardh1905 on Yesterday at 22:32:04 »
A lovely quiet corner, April.
Welcome / Re: hello
« Last post by richardh1905 on Yesterday at 22:30:05 »
Welcome to the forum Harry. Can't help on a smock, but my Mountain Equipment Lhotse jacket has survived 4 Orkney winters (and half of a Cumbrian one), and is ideal for summer use too. Not cheap though.
Welcome / Re: hello
« Last post by harry73 on Yesterday at 21:50:01 »
hi,i know its hard to believe but thats what i was wearing in east lothian as the weather in this area is better than most places in scotland and believe it or not its getting milder as the the weather seems to be going further south including the sun in summer.the jacket question should have been on a lighter weight with the properties of the montane as you can unzip it up to your armpits on both sides but it is a bother to use.i think i have been spoiled with the montane and wanted a handle on the more modern jackets.thanks for the hellos from the replies
Lake District / Re: TR Mungrisdale Common Sat 25 Jan 20
« Last post by forgotmyoldpassword on Yesterday at 21:40:20 »
Some nice atmospheric pics there April O0 
Interesting route to MC never done that one. Despite it's reputation on a nice day there are good views from MC

Walked to Cumbrian Way route to MC via the west side of the valley a few weeks ago during a cold snap before doubling back and doing Skiddaw - clear skies and ice under my feet.  Must admit the little valleys are quite beautiful, that was the one and only time I've actually had any views from MC too! 

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