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Photography / Re: Flora
« Last post by barewirewalker on Today at 10:31:28 »
Cor you're good.  Thanks.  That thyme looks nothing like the stuff in my garden but I was wondering today when I posted it.
We do have some very helpful and knowledgeable members on this forum, following this topic is very interesting.

Talking about Orchids, I opened up some photos taken in Galloway, June 7 2015, yesterday to offer some help on another topic, I found a very out of focus picture of a white orchid, taken on heather moorland at around 1500ft.

Quality of picture is very poor as it was taken, quickly because we needed to make time on the route and I was tired because the Merrick had taken it's toll on my stamina. Looking through the photos I realise I still have to make a slide show on this walk and it would be good to incorporate a picture of the moment. The Greater Butterfly Orchid does seem to fit the bill, though the blurry nature of the photo could suggest the flower head being denser.The find was somewhere along the east flank of the Rig of Enoch, so would this location allow for the later flowering. My artistic side is being tempted with the ideas of slide transitions between white orchids and the Grey Man of Merrick.   :o or  :D or even  :2funny: no perhaps  :crazy2:
Welcome / Re: Hey I'm after some advice
« Last post by richardh1905 on Today at 09:27:28 »
Welcome to the forum from Orkney  :)
Gear / Re: Best boots for wet grass?
« Last post by kinkyboots on Today at 09:27:02 »
If you did decide to attempt the repair the damaged area would first need to be thoroughly cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) or White Spirit to remove any build up of wax and oil to provide a clean surface for the Shoe Goo or other flexible adhesive to bond to.
Wales / Re: TR: Llantysilio Hills & Eglwyseg 2-day backpack
« Last post by vghikers on Today at 09:03:43 »
Thanks astaman, a good walk in brilliant clear conditions.
Lake District / Re: Steeple to Scoat Fell ArÍte
« Last post by Steve18566 on Today at 08:48:33 »
I think next will be Yewbarrow via Dropping Crag, which I believe has some exposure and a little scrambling, which I love, but my partner 'has short legs', so isn't always keen.

Then to Red Pike (avoiding Stirrup Crag) and Pillar.

Hopefully the next time we a have free weekend when the forecast's good
Wonderful clear views and another great pitch  O0
Hard Crags indeed, mind you they're all a bit hard these days  :)
Ireland / Re: Bernagh and Meelmore
« Last post by richardh1905 on Today at 08:08:16 »

Lovely photos as always, Henry.

I love the way that the Mournes just seem to rise up out of the surrounding farmland.

The Howgills are lovely hills, and that first photo is a beauty.

Thank goodness that they are overlooked by most walkers; not being catalogued by Wainwright is a blessing.
Lake District / Re: TR Wild camp near Robinson Sat 22 to Sun 23 Jun 19
« Last post by April on Today at 08:01:40 »
Thanks Sunnydale  O0

It was great wasn't it beefy  :)

Thanks Mark T. It wasn't that boggy where we were. The path up to Robinson can be boggy across the Moss but it isn't as bad as the Pewits. I would call it a bit damp underfoot and only for a short distance.

Richard, I too have a lot of favourites! My knee is a bit stiff with the odd twinge. I still can't kneel on it properly so it makes things awkward in the tent. I can walk without pain that is the main thing.

Thanks IM it is a wonderful part of The Lake District  :)

Thanks Ridge, aye let us hope summer is here!
Photography / Re: What about other animal photos?
« Last post by Jac on Today at 07:49:23 »

Superb fritillary shots, SunnyD

Without the smaller creatures the big beasties would have no dinner :)

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