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Wales / Re: A Cwm Eigiau Special - Bead Early Totally Wrecked
« Last post by vghikers on Today at 20:12:11 »
Crikey, I didn't think the snowfall had been nearly that heavy.
We only managed around 7miles, as we had intended to make for Foel Grach and the Central Carneddau ridge, but it was very slow going, with the drifts several feet deep in certain parts, and wading through thick snow, is so tiring.
Incredibly tiring. Years ago we set off up Aran Benllyn in deep snow and never made it to the top, we covered 3 miles and gave up, pitched the tent and called it a day, descending the next morning.
I have a 'leg' of the family from South Yorkshire and as well as snap, I've heard 'jock' used.
I think the miners used to take a jock tin darn pit !

The term 'pack up' is always used by Mrs I. She is from a more urban area of West Yorkshire (  :knuppel2:  ) and it is purely a term for snap and not a full blown picnic.
On the other hand I'm from very West Yorkshire (i.e. not central West Yorkshire - there is a difference): Calderdale - and we were so poor, we didn't have any snap/jock/shim shams/pack up/luncheon/bait or piece   ;D  Luxury !
Lovely photos April    :)    I walked to Cawfields Quarry as an out and back along Hadrian's Wall from Walltown and really enjoyed it
General Walking Discussion / Re: A sandwich by any other name....
« Last post by vghikers on Today at 19:57:15 »
In the Potteries of Stoke-on-Trent, sandwiches were often called 'pieces', as in 'a piece of jam' = a jam butty.
A common general term for your packed lunch, sandwiches or otherwise, was your 'snapping'.
Lake District / Re: 20th Jan- Greenburn round
« Last post by henryb on Today at 19:38:30 »
Great photos O0  Have done that round myself :)
Lake District / Re: It's here... again
« Last post by henryb on Today at 19:35:32 »
Fantastic photos O0
Gear / Re: Stoves
« Last post by jimbob on Today at 19:31:49 »
HI Richard. As stated pros and cons. Unless you want a Darwin award you couldn't use your kit inside your tent should the need arise.
I am sort of tempted to buy it to use mainly as a water flask with a couple of heat packs for emergency use. I tend to eat a hot meal in a pub or cafe and breakfast bars , scotch eggs and pork pies for all other meals.  I don't carry a stove. But then again I only go into the deep wilderness for a couple of days at most. I usually walk well beaten routes, I have found most lead to a pub somewhere.


Short term lurker on the boards looking for some advice; first though a little about me .

Middle aged and come back to walking as a lot do after kids etc and decided it was cheaper ( well I thought) than a fast car and I have no need to trade the missus in as she is a treasure, so a bit of fresh air and fitness ticks the boxes.

For walking I like going up and walk on the tops and open moorland rather than walking on the flat and look for an average distance between 20/25K in the session with summer walks around 30K.

I like to walk a circular route - no back down the route I have walked unless really necessary

I am ok with map and compass not orienteering style or night time (yet) and have made sure I have proper kit for the different seasons and have no issue walking in rain - as they say no such thing as being wet just inappropriate clothing

Any way to my question

I am determined to carry on with winter walking but have no knowledge or experience of the Dales and have come up with 2 alternative walks for this weekend being

1. Buckden - up Buckden Beck and then down to Starbottom, back up Starbottom Fell then across to Tor Mere Top across to Buckden Pike and down back to Buckden via Cow Close -

2. From Ribblehead upto Whernside Tarn across to Rigg end then following the Dales Way back to Gayle Moor and back to Ribblehead -

So my questions are based around the conditions

1. what are access roads like around the area when it has snowed as it has been doing - I have to travel and hour and half so don't know the conditions of roads for driving and don't want to waste my time
2. do people have experience of the Buckden route in winter?
3. The Dales Way route has a lot of road walking (which I'm not  a great fan off  but needs must) are these likely to be icey as there is a gradient around the viaduct

Any advice greatly received


Photography / Re: a few pics of the lunar eclipse and a video
« Last post by gary m on Today at 18:59:39 »
Good photos beefy
Gear / Re: Stoves
« Last post by richardh1905 on Today at 18:59:01 »

Thanks Jimbob. The heatpacks are pricey!

Kerosene for my Primus costs 60p/litre!
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