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Wales / Re: TR: Llantysilio Hills & Eglwyseg 2-day backpack
« Last post by astaman on Today at 07:03:48 »
Great report and, as always, particularly good photographs.
Truly splendid!
Peak District / Re: TR Kinder Scout circuit
« Last post by jontea on Today at 06:39:21 »
Nice photos, lovely area to walk, and where hill walking all started for me many years ago. Thanks for making the effort and sharing Mark  O0
Lake District / Re: TR Wild camp near Robinson Sat 22 to Sun 23 Jun 19
« Last post by Ridge on Today at 00:00:37 »
Lovely photos April  O0 lets hope that the weather is picking up at last.
Peak District / Re: TR Kinder Scout circuit
« Last post by Ridge on Yesterday at 23:27:51 »

Thanks for the comments everyone.
Sorry Sunnydale, I don't think it is my fault.
A&B, if yo are in the Peaks it is definitely worth a visit.

the northern edge has a wilder and more remote feel being farther from the reach of Edale.
It feels like the southern edge used to when I first walked there. That makes me sound ancient!
That is a great excursion on wonderful fells. A great TR & photos too  O0
It was great seeing your route, much of which was a reverse of a walk we did three years ago when we started at Catbells and traversed clockwise via Maiden Moor ..... down Moss Force and across (eventually) onto Ard Crags.
Without checking I seem to recall we did something like 15 miles, but the weather was nowhere near as good as you had.

This was a practice walk for the subsequent 10 peak walk a few weeks later and it allowed us to reconnoitre the final (leg) outer arc of hills we'd tackle that day.

Makes me want to go back again.

Glad your knee is behaving itself.

Hopefully an overnight foray into the Cairngorms on my way south to pick my son (and his stuff) up from Glasgow.
I have my eye on Braeriach.
Photography / Re: What about other animal photos?
« Last post by Innominate Man on Yesterday at 23:03:42 »
Fabulous photos everyone. You can even see the 'lace' pattern on the wings of the Damsel.
This reminds me I need to look closer at all these smaller creatures, they are equal to the bigger beasties  8)
Gear / Re: Best boots for wet grass?
« Last post by Vendee on Yesterday at 21:55:06 »
If you can find the exact place the water is getting through you could try applying a couple of thin coats of Shoe Goo or some other flexible adhesive suitable for use on leather to the area. It won't look pretty but should keep the water at bay and extend the life of the boots.

Its easy to find the exact place the water gets through. The leather darkens along the creases when the water seeps in. I've not heard of shoe goo but I'm doubtful that anything would seal the cracks with the amount of wax that has been rubbed in there to try stop the leaking. I think the damage was done quite early on. They were nubuck leather boots and the recommendation was to use a spray proofer but I don't think this keeps the leather supple or prevents it from drying and cracking. By the time I had switched to using Leder Gris, the damage was already done. I might keep the old boots for dry weather but I already have a cheap and lighter pair of fabric boots for that.

Gear / Re: Meindl Bhutan boots
« Last post by sussamb on Yesterday at 21:46:46 »
Give my regards to the Nine Standards and look out for the parrots in Kirkby Stephen.

Will do  ;D
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