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Gear / Re: Viewranger and OSMand questions
« Last post by sussamb on Yesterday at 20:28:28 »
Good question, but I don't know the answer.  I use full OS mapping with ViewRanger and only OSM mapping on my GPS.
Lake District / Re: A Glenridding Circuit
« Last post by jontea on Yesterday at 20:18:52 »
Great write up and pics jontea  O0 I'm still laughing at you saying Wainwright was splitting hairs  ;D

Good for you for still going out in the strong wind  :) We are total wimps these days  :-[ ;D

Thanks April  ;D
My motivation is thinking back to my hospital bed and recovery last year, and making on while I'm fit and well.

I never know when my Crohn’s Disease will return (its called a flare) or the side effects from the drugs I take (no jokes please)  ::)
So a flare would stop me in my tracks, it sounds really corny but I appreciate life so much more now, and try not to take hiking for granted, getting out there whenever I'm free  :)

Okay sick bowl at the ready  :buck2:

Have a smooth recovery, ACLs are tricky ones so make sure the rehab physio is well on their game!
General Walking Discussion / Re: Didn't really mean to do that!
« Last post by jontea on Yesterday at 19:42:15 »
Sorry to hear that Owen, hope the injury isn't too serious and you have a speedy recovery  O0
Photography / Re: a few pics testing my camera
« Last post by beefy on Yesterday at 19:38:51 »
Nice shots Beefy - got a new toy?
Thanks pdstsp O0

I bought a used camera lens off the net :)
Welcome / Re: Navy Tech from Victoria BC joining your group. Hello!
« Last post by Stube on Yesterday at 19:36:17 »
Another welcome from North Portsmouth.

I spent many years designing ships & equipment for the Royal Navy.

Nice place Vancouver - I have relatives on Victoria.
Brilliant, appreciated!:D  Must admit I do like Haweswater and the surrounding fells - fair enough there's a fraction of the usual 'amenities' you usually get around a Lake but it's more like going back in time.  As much as I like fells like Catbells, if it isn't extremely early it always feels like a procession !
Gear / Viewranger and OSMand questions
« Last post by Stube on Yesterday at 19:27:49 »
I've installed Viewranger onto to my new Samsung phone and it works fine. However the downloaded OSM maps from the VR website appear to be raster scans (like standard OS maps) rather than vector graphics.  The maps files are huge ie 0.5 GB for Hampshire!! Is it correct that VR only runs raster maps? I read somewhere that OSM maps needed conversion to run on VR.

By comparison OSMand does run vector maps and the files are much smaller ie 150MB for SE England. However I cannot persuade the app to show locations as British grid references only as longitude and latitude.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

In both cases the free version of the apps is being used.

Alternatively, does anyone know an app that displays location as grid references and uses OSM vector maps?

General Walking Discussion / Re: Didn't really mean to do that!
« Last post by ninthace on Yesterday at 17:26:50 »
I can sympathise, I once fell down a black mogul field I didn't know was there in a whiteout  (well to be fair, I did know about it but I didn't think I had got there yet).  I remember as I went over watching my ski trying to do a 180 while still attached and thinking "this is going to hurt".  Fortunately I got off more lightly than you appear to have - hope you are soon mended.
Whiteouts and flat light are nature's way of telling you to have a lie in or go to the bar.  They are also why we have insurance.
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