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Welcome / Re: Hello from west sussex
« Last post by gunwharfman on Yesterday at 15:23:39 »
Hello from Old Portsmouth
Long Distance Walks / Advice on Robin Hood Way
« Last post by Mikea1988 on Yesterday at 15:21:18 »
hi wondered if anyone had done the Robin Hood way? Just wondering how many days people took and where they stayed along the way? Looks like is going to be a good trip.  Thanks!
Peak District / Re: Kinder Log
« Last post by ianj37 on Yesterday at 15:13:48 »
Probably because I'm old I actually have a copy of this book. I suppose it's best described as a reference to Kinder and the area around it. There's nothing about climbing in it. Essentially there are three sections - the largest (80 pages) is an A-Z which has a paragraph or two on all the areas, and sometimes people, associated with Kinder starting at Ashop Clough and ending with Youth Hostels. Where a place is described a 6 figure grid ref is given.
Example - "Kinder Gates GR088887 - The gates refer to two large prominent rocks on the Plateau through which the river Kinder flows. The Pennine Way lies between them and it is these two rocks which you are most glad to see  after wandering across the peaty plateau for the best part of an hour. From this point the Kinder Downfall is only about three quarters of a mile away (1km) along the River Kinder".
Then a section on aircraft wrecks on Kinder with a description of where to find then and what happened. Final section is 18 walks on or around Kinder.
I don't think it's the sort of book you'd take out with you but I find it's well worth a browse on occasions. My copy bought in the 80's got very dogeared but I found a copy in a second hand book shop in Scotland! a couple of years ago for 1 - snatched their hand off.
Hope this helps.
General Walking Discussion / Re: It's Snowing on Dartmoor
« Last post by ninthace on Yesterday at 15:09:25 »
A gentleman does not run, it panics the staff and frightens the horses. As a means of transport it leaves a lot to be desired and as a form of entertainment it is a non starter.
Long Distance Walks / Re: Pennine Way or Coast to Coast
« Last post by Doddy on Yesterday at 14:58:13 »
Apologies I got my post wrong, the bothies I mentioned are on the Southern Upland Way which is a Scottish Coast to Coast. I have done the SUW, the PW and the CtC and apart from the odd hostel or BnB I wild camped.[/color][/font][/size]
General Walking Discussion / Re: It's Snowing on Dartmoor
« Last post by Innominate Man on Yesterday at 14:22:55 »
Needs a lot more before I get my spikes out  :)
Too nippy for your running eh ?  .....  ::)
Photography / Re: a few pics of the lunar eclipse and a video
« Last post by beefy on Yesterday at 13:25:45 »
Now that is good - especially the time lapse. Brilliant  O0
And it shows it as being red.
Thanks IM  O0

Nice work Beefy - you "branching" out into photography?   ;D
;D  thanks pdstsp O0

Very good beefy, I hope the lack of sleep was worth it  :D

I had wondered what that line was when I saw the vid last night  :)
Thanks Ape O0
It was freezing stood out in the early hours, my fingers were numb,
I moved the camera for a better shot, didn't notice the branch, just took the shots and dived back indoors :D
I want a telephoto lens for these shots,
Now what's special about February  :-\ :D
A good few years ago I was walking on the opposite flank of the Breiddens. It was one of those moments that are special, I walked down from Rodney's Pillar by the Bytherig and was of two minds to either catch a bus at Middletown or the train from Welshpool.

I found myself walking across some small permanent pastures liberally populated with mature oak trees, the footpath followed the contour across the slope which looked out onto the River Severn below. It was a perfect summers day, I sat for a while, enjoying the shade of one of the oak trees, and at that moment I decided to take the longer option and walk into Welshpool and catch the train. This meant crossing the river using the Maginnis Bridge, I did not realise at that moment that there was no right of way across it, this I assumed because there are footpaths, which are rights of way leading right up to it.
When I restarted my walk I could not get out of that field, not without forcing my way through several hedges and some gymnastics using the branches of trees overhanging hedges, giving me the chance to drop into another field. A closer study of the map might have forewarned me of these difficulties as the footpath ends at a Parish boundary.

It was the view of Wales from that comfortable spot that made me realize that this is a perfect walkers entry point into Wales, for those who are familiar with the map will point out that I was already in Wales, but the River Severn must still be crossed and all other options are accompanied by excessive exposure to heavy traffic.
On reaching the Maginnis Bridge I discovered that his is not a Right of Way, I had to climb a well locked gate, with a top bar wrapped in barbed wire, worthit as there is an almost direct crossing of a the busy A road Welshool to Oswestry, to the quietude of the Canal towpath, a peaceful, verdant way into Welshpool.

This to me is quality of way, I have often wondered if this is a quality that we walkers value enough or even try to promote it.

Scotland / Re: TRs - Orkney
« Last post by April on Yesterday at 13:21:58 »
More fab photos Richard  O0

You have to be a bit more on the ball with this thread, more pics are added when you aren't looking  ;)
Photography / Re: a few pics of the lunar eclipse and a video
« Last post by April on Yesterday at 13:16:01 »
Very good beefy, I hope the lack of sleep was worth it  :D

I had wondered what that line was when I saw the vid last night  :)
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