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Title: Insole recommendatio
Post by: hixy on 12:20:04, 23/01/19
Hello,i work as a security officer and walk about 12 miles a day with my job.I bought some brasher trek boots which are the most comfortable boots ive ever owned .Im after the insoles and have no idea where to but them separately.
All i know is there very thick and made of a very soft rubber material,also any recommendations for thick soft insoles greatly appreciated. 
Title: Re: Insole recommendatio
Post by: zuludog on 12:47:15, 23/01/19
Try asking Brasher nicely
They might just send you a pair for free or at least sell you some, or recommend a supplier
Title: Re: Insole recommendatio
Post by: hixy on 16:14:54, 23/01/19
Thank you i have just sent them an email.
Title: Re: Insole recommendatio
Post by: hawthornpaul on 22:13:24, 23/01/19
If you don't have any success with Brasher, look at Sorbothane insoles - Cush N Step, Double Strike and Sorbo Pro are thick and very comfortable.  (Not Full Strike though as they are quite thin.)
Title: Re: Insole recommendatio
Post by: gunwharfman on 11:51:37, 24/01/19
I always use inserts these days, I need heel cushioning in particular because after a few days hiking its the base of my heels that suffer most. I'm never really sure of their overall value though, they are obviously marketed well, lots of nice photos and 'scientific evidence' to persude us to buy but do they really offer what they claim? I have no idea really, except that I do feel more comfortable with them in, just walking along with the normal insole in the boot is for me, just too harsh, particulary when I have to walk on tarmac or concrete.

I use Sorbothanes when hiking and a pair of the solid plastic ones (Luckyfeet brand I think?) when running off road.
Title: Re: Insole recommendatio
Post by: ninthace on 12:27:58, 24/01/19
I had a really bad experience with sorbathane insoles - turned a pair of comfortable boots into instruments of torture in one trip.  I use either Svatrz Anatomic Lites or Sidas insoles.
Title: Re: Insole recommendatio
Post by: gunwharfman on 17:20:21, 24/01/19
The only problem I've had with Sorbothanes is that when my feet get really hot, especially when walking on tarmac, the underside of my feet can feel like they are on fire. When this happens I stop, take them out, turn my socks inside out, cool my feet with water, dry them, put socks back on, put in a an old pair of Keen insoles (left over from my old Keen Targee boots) and then stroll on! Rarely fails!
Title: Re: Insole recommendatio
Post by: motorlaunch on 07:32:55, 25/01/19
I also use the Svartz insoles. The Svartz Absorber provides plenty of cushioning.

Title: Re: Insole recommendatio
Post by: Slogger on 15:33:55, 25/01/19
I generaly replace the supplied insoles with Sorbothane Double Strike which Ive found to be excellent over the years. However I had a bad experience with the last ones. It wasn't the fault of the insoles, but my fault for thinking they would be ok in any walking footwear - not so! Last September i set out from St. Bees on a sub 5 day wild camping trip of the Coast to Coast route.I was wearing a pair of Meindl GTX walking shoes which Id' only worn on local short distance walks a couple of time. I inserted the Sorbothanes as usual and set off early morning. After around half a mile I felt a slight pressure on the instep of my right foot. This gradually became worse until after around 7 mile i could bear it no longer. i thought my walk had ended there and then it was so bad. I stopped and removed my shoe and insole, it was then that I noticed that the shoe had a substantial built in instep support and quickly realised that the thick insole instep support was being pushed too high up. My left foot was ok. I took a small knife and cut away most of the insoles thick rubber instep support and hoped for the best. Shoe back on and instant relief no pain at all. I finished the 192 walk inside of 5 days with no further foot problems.
Title: Re: Insole recommendatio
Post by: Pitboot on 15:38:31, 25/01/19
These come as standard on most Salomon boots, I've never had a problem with them, the boots are comfortable out of the box. Personal experience, I got some new boots last week and I've been wearing them at work on 14 hour shifts, feet feel great!
Title: Re: Insole recommendatio
Post by: Ronin83 on 14:43:32, 26/01/19
Dr Scholl gel active work insoles.
About 9-10 on Amazon. Sometimes I put them under the supplied insoles. Theyre the best ones I've found.
I find the fancy ones like superfeet and sorthobane too hard and pushy.

I think standing around all day on hard ground can be worse than walking. If youre in one spot at times you could get a squishy mat to put down? Could give you some relief in between patrol