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Title: Walking jacket hoods?
Post by: gunwharfman on 16:32:06, 06/04/19
From reading a few entries recently I started to be interested in what makes a good hood?

I have a Paramo Alta 2 and have always thought that this has a good one. Its can secure close to my face and is especially useful when heavy rain and wind is blowing directly into my face.

I also have a cheap 15 single skin waterproof and its hood it very good as well, the designer also offers me a couple of options in how I want to secure it. The other day when it was blowing a gale and raining I was able to secure it closely across my face, the top edge of the lower part of the hood secures just under my nose. I'm not keen on my mouth being covered for long but when the rain and wind was intense and I had to turn directly into it it was very useful. The hood also offers me, useful when it's stopped raining and then only windy, I can choose to reverse one part of it to fit the hood tightly across my head like a beany, I can't do this on my Paramo.

The best hood that I have used was a Gore Tex jacket with the Blacks logo on it which I bought years ago and no longer use, its worn out. Its wired and the hood pokes out from my face a longish way and because of the wire I could squeeze and manipulate it in a variety of way so as to adapt to all conditions. Its actually better than my Paramo, which is set closer to my face.