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Title: Hiking in the heat - advice please !
Post by: swayzak on 19:41:36, 18/07/06

I know this is not UK but can I refer readers to a thread of mine regarding impending solo
holiday in Majorca:


Basically I'm looking for tips for serious hiking in this sort of

Am I likely to experience a significant temperature drop at these
heights ?

Should I be equipped for rain (I think this would be VERY unlikely) ?

Do I need a compass & whistle ?



Title: Re: Hiking in the heat - advice please !
Post by: Chris on 22:57:14, 30/07/06
Walking in heat can be quite pleasant, providing there is a breeze. Remember you will be losing a lot of fluid, so carry loads and loads of water.

I did a walk high in the Pyrannies once in the summer, getting the mountain train to a very high village. Although it was cooler than the Spanish coast where we were staying, it was still t-shirt weather.

Have you got any routes planned?