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Florida Nature Reserve
« on: 22:43:36, 18/06/12 »
Robinsons Preserve is not a jam but a lovely preservation area on the coast, south of St Petersburg and close to the idyllic Anna Maria Island.  Very flat area but just as well as it was baking hot
Map of area :

Introduction to some of the inhabitants....Im going back in the car

Rules of the area - and they were followed - could do with something similar here - maybe they are more civilised over there

Trails consisted of levelled small rocks and broken shells and elevated boardwalks

Observation tower gave good views of the area - saw quite a few flying fish from there but never quick enough to get a snap of them

Coconuts - not quite ready

How the other half live

Absolutely tons of wildlife around - particularly in & around the water - the 2nd bird is quite a rare visitor apparently

First outing for the Five Fingers
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Re: Florida Nature Reserve
« Reply #1 on: 23:50:00, 18/06/12 »
Excellent photos in the Florida sunshine. Reminds me of my trip there 3 years ag now  O0

Loving the five fingers but not sure I'd cope with them  ;D


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Re: Florida Nature Reserve
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Looks very nice, reminds me of Merritt Island - the nature reserve around the Kennedy Space Centre.


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Re: Florida Nature Reserve
« Reply #3 on: 22:47:47, 20/06/12 »
great photo's. these walk ways they have abroad are a good thing I think. they do like to look after the area and the wildlife.
Cheers O0