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Hi All

It's been a slow old year for walking and blogging (and foruming, FB-ing, and anything else much). Not that we haven't walked: we have, just mainly regular, familiar, unexciting paths that are often quite short (Norfolk Coast Path excepted).  :(

However, we have recently returned from one of our two planned longer trips, and I'm making the time to do the TR because I really want to - to keep the blog ticking over, and to remember a very fine fortnight.  O0

We've been having another trundle round the Balkans - this time on part of the newly-established Peaks of the Balkans circular trail, plus a couple of other areas for good measure. Overall, the trip was fantastic, with mainly good weather, excellent hiking, a lovely group and one of the best in-country guides we have ever had.  O0

Links to each day can be found below for those who are interested, starting with the first few days (with the rest to follow in due course). As usual, any comments are welcome and I'll try and answer any questions that arise.

Hope you enjoy! ... ro_25.html ... ro_28.html ... ro_37.html ... ro_29.html


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