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John o Groats Trail
« on: 00:04:17, 04/10/16 »
New 145 mile trail from Inverness to John o Groats being developed according to this    

Dyffryn Ardudwy

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Re: John o Groats Trail
« Reply #1 on: 21:39:30, 04/10/16 »
That will be one hellish remote and exposed trail.
I visited John O Groats for the first time, a few weeks ago, and the further one travels beyond Inverness, the bleaker the countryside.
Only the small town of Wick lies between Inverness and John O Groats, and not much in between, and most of it is in the teeth of the winter storms.

It will be a trail designed for the really experienced walker, as accommodation after Inverness will be touch and go.

Also, its a trail that will be very demanding in winter.

Having seen the countryside beyond Inverness and towards John O Groats, i can honestly say, it will be a tough challenge.


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Re: John o Groats Trail
« Reply #2 on: 09:17:09, 05/10/16 »
I cycled LEJOG a few years ago and, actually, the coast has quite a few villages.  Nothing particularly big, but there are quite a few hotels and b&bs in the area and I seem to remember a few welcoming pubs (some more clearly than others).  The coastline was beautiful and, in place, spectacular, though quite different to the West coast.  Also, this corner of Scotland seems to miss quite a lot of the more extreme weather of the west coast, though I agree that the landscape suggests that it gets its fair share!


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Re: John o Groats Trail
« Reply #3 on: 00:37:08, 09/11/18 »
Hi all,
I just thought I would update this thread with the info that the John o' Groats Trail is up and running.  We have a better web site (, a Harvey Map has been published, and we had walkers from all over the world this year.

Regarding the statements in the thread, it's true we have pretty harsh winters for the UK, and that from the coastal road, a lot of the north looks bleak.  However, from the trail you see cliffs, sea stacks, sea arches, the ruins of fishing harbours, and tons of wildlife.  The trail is getting great reviews. It is divided into 14 stages and every stage has accommodation at the end.

That being said, it's still a rough trail, and you need to be a somewhat hardened walker to enjoy it.  I would liken it to hill-walking, without the hills, but with great scenery.



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Re: John o Groats Trail
« Reply #4 on: 06:11:17, 09/11/18 »
I walked part of it this year when completing LEJOG.  Some of it is really beautiful and quite easy walking but there are other parts where the route is along the seashore and it is quite rough underfoot that needs constant watching to ensure that you don't turn your ankle.  I must admit to walking a bit on the road (I have never seen so many campervans) to miss out some of the rougher parts and to save me wading through a few streams.  However a good amount of work has gone into this path to save LEJOG/JOGLE walkers having to spend every day on the road, so well done.


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Re: John o Groats Trail
« Reply #5 on: 06:19:51, 09/11/18 »
In case it helps this is the accommodation I used:-
The Waverley Guest House, 25 Union Street, Inverness IV1 1QA
Novar Arms Hotel, Balconie Street, Evanton IV16 9UN
The Royal Hotel, High Street, Tain IV19 1AB
Invicta House B&B. 10 Ferry Road, Golspie KW10 6ST
Bannockburn Inn, Stafford Street, Helmsdale KW8 6JY
Forse of Nature, Forse House, Latheron KW5 6DG
Norseman Hotel, Riverside, Wick KW1 4NL - before walking to JOG the next morning.  Taxi came from Wick to JOG to return me to Wick, quite cheap.
Then the following accommodation (only 2 minutes from the station) before getting the early train home the next morning. 
Bank Guest House, 28 Bridge Street, Wick KW1 4NG


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Re: John o Groats Trail
« Reply #6 on: 09:38:42, 09/11/18 »
You should try the route to JOG via Lairg, the Crask Inn and that is remote!