Author Topic: Tryfan fatality.  (Read 2303 times)


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Tryfan fatality.
« on: 08:16:05, 15/05/17 »
Saddened to hear of a fatality on one of our favourite mountains in Snowdonia. Thoughts with family . Keep safe guys.
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Re: Tryfan fatality.
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Apparently happened in south gully, grade 3 scrambling territory, very sad.
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Re: Tryfan fatality.
« Reply #2 on: 15:46:19, 23/05/17 »
I was on there the day after, a sombre reminder that that tryfan is as harsh as it is beautiful
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Re: Tryfan fatality.
« Reply #3 on: 12:29:19, 28/07/17 »
Sadly, Ogwen Valley MRT are reporting another fatality on Tryfan yesterday.  Stay safe everyone.


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Re: Tryfan fatality.
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Very sad. I believe the body was found by a female walker and her sons. Very traumatic for them.

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Re: Tryfan fatality.
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Just saw it on the news, North ridge once again, above Heather terrace.
What can one say, other than sincere sympathy to his distressed relatives.

According to the news, his relatives were there when his body was removed from above heather terrace.

It does not get more distressing than that.

A keen walker, possibly visiting beautiful Snowdonia for the first time.
A young climber as well.

Not the kind of news one wants to hear, especially when just about everything discussed on  the news nowdays, is ever so negative.

We never hear anything cheering now days.

Its just a reminder to us all, take great care, the mountains are there to be enjoyed.

Return safely.
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