Author Topic: New Year in Glen Dee.  (Read 575 times)


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New Year in Glen Dee.
« on: 16:54:28, 02/01/19 »

Our accommodation for the holiday? Mar Lodge. 

Actually they put us peasants in the stables around the back, still very comfortable apartments.

The Luibeg Burn.

My friend Pam by the Luibeg Burn.

More friends in the hills around Glen Ey, don't think it has a name. 

We had four days a walking without doing anything high as it was to windy to go up the big hills. Still managed to have a good time and quite a bit to eat and drink.


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Re: New Year in Glen Dee.
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Nice pics Owen, that is a grand looking lodge  O0

It looks cold. I don't blame you for not going up high because of the wind. I hate the wind more as I get older  :)
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Re: New Year in Glen Dee.
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That last photo is a beauty, Owen.