Author Topic: TR Derwent Water walk Sat 12 Jan 19  (Read 1217 times)

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Re: TR Derwent Water walk Sat 12 Jan 19
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The powers that be must think nobody needs to use the toilets in winter. The toilets at Lodore were closed for the winter. We hopped on the bus to Rosthwaite hoping to use the toilets there only to find those toilets were closed too. We were getting back on the same bus on its return from Seatoller. We had to wait until we got to Keswick. There were a lot of people about surely there should be toilets open?

Note to self. Remember to put your shewee in your pack.
Another note to self. Remember to practise using your shewee at home.

I think the toilets in Rosthwaite are NT and were open at weekends only until Xmas - now closed until spring sometime. Seatoller I think might be community run - so it's a shame they weren't open. The buses carry on all year and there are always walkers around ...
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Re: TR Derwent Water walk Sat 12 Jan 19
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How're the booties going with Squeaky?  I never could get any that would stay on my Ginger pooch.