Author Topic: Off gridder rescued from a highland cabin  (Read 2428 times)

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Re: Off gridder rescued from a highland cabin
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So much more information required.

We have a 'Blue Water Cruising Catamaran" (rated for crossing any ocean in any weather - Category A)
We bought her in Croatia 3 years ago and sailed her back to Hull where she has been based ever since, however there is no Yard on the East Coast that has big enough equipment to lift her out for 'bottom cleaning' etc, so we decided to move her down to Plymouth where there is a yard that can lift 'Big-Cats'.

Happily heading down the North Sea, a few miles offshore from Gt Yarmouth 'pulled over' by the Border Force 'Cutter'. "Everyone on Deck with papers and passports - NOW".

We were asked if we were all UK citizens, and the reply was yes, of course.

The problem we then had was that My Son's, 'wife to be' and her daughter are both Fillipino and have Fillipino passports.
Bit embarrassing but fortunately could prove that they had Visitors Visas in their passports so after much grovelling we were allowed to proceed.

A few hours later and we were heading towards Margate when there was a DSC Mayday call for a boat about 10-15 miles behind us.
2 crew on board, boat had capsized and crew were in the water. We turned to respond but it would have taken us 2-3 hours to get back to their location and faster boats from nearer by were responding so we resumed our course.


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Re: Off gridder rescued from a highland cabin
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That's a big boat, and a good story.
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