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Rescue in Glencoe
« on: 07:14:02, 10/03/19 »

More trouble in the Scottish hills - this time MRT found the climbers in time, although one is in poor condition.


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Re: Rescue in Glencoe
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From the Glencoe MRT FB page...........
The Team would like to wish the climbers rescued yesterday a speedy recovery.[/color][/size]
When the rescue resumed on Saturday Team were planning for an avalanche search and as is normal practice called for assistance from our neighbouring teams. We would like to thank Arrochar MR, Lochaber MR, Oban MR, RAF MR, Police Scotland MR, SARDA, Coastguard helicopter crews and our local ambulance crew. We would also like to thank two climbing parties who were on the hill on Saturday and who dropped their plans for the day to help and who played an important part in the rescue.[/color][/size]
Finally we would like to thank the Team at Clachaig, who took us all in, fed and watered us when the rescue had concluded.
The S&R started on Friday.

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Re: Rescue in Glencoe
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This evening's update is bad news.
Unfortunately the older/more hypothermic man didn't recover.  Such sad news after the high hopes with them being rescued yesterday.
Our thoughts will be with the family, friends & all involved in the rescue.
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