Author Topic: Lake District --- Outlying Fells  (Read 1110 times)


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Lake District --- Outlying Fells
« on: 09:19:28, 10/11/07 »
9th November 2007

Lake District -- Southern Area

Today we wanted to visit one of AW's Outlying Fells at the southern end of Coniston Water. We parked the car near to High Nibthwaite and in turn visited the tops of Brock Barrow, Low Light Haw, High Light Haw, Arnsbarrow Hill and Top o'Selside. Although only a short walk in mileage terms it is far from easy going through heather and wet ground but this is more than made up for by the fantastic views.

Dist:    5.00 miles      Ascent:    1400 feet            Time:  3h 30m



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Re: Lake District --- Outlying Fells
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 O0 Dave have you changed your website with bright new colours? anyway fantastic photos mate,really very colourfull ,deep blues on the water and bright greens of the grass, your pix seem alot better than usual have you got a better camera? they just seem more real than ones ive veiwed before, all in all though outstanding photographs Dave,
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