Author Topic: Walking Boots suitable for Nepal  (Read 2924 times)


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Walking Boots suitable for Nepal
« on: 16:19:53, 19/10/06 »
I am heading off to do a trek in Nepal (around 25 days) and would like advice on traditional walking boots (leather variety) vs soft walking boots (that look like trainers).  I have a pair of the leather variety but continually get blisters everytime I use them longer than a walk down to the shop.  I am based in London so any information on brands, types etc would be appreciated.


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Re: Walking Boots suitable for Nepal
« Reply #1 on: 10:13:26, 28/10/06 »
How bout Scarpa Nepals? :)

I bought a pair last week and used them for the first time on tuesday, fairly stiff for a walking boot but not stiff enough for crampons, loads of support under foot and a good high ankle.

No Gore-Tex lining so should be cooler on the feet, still can be kept fully waterproof, the big rubber toe rand looks fairly usefull for rocky paths.

Don't go for something too light or you'll not get the support, the Scarpas should last for years too - I hope they do at least.

Good Luck!! :)