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Hiking shoes for Goutie
« on: 18:04:59, 06/10/10 »
I have had a couple of attacks of gout in my left foot. Unfortunately there is little chance that it will completely go (if at all). I find that when I have difficulty walking, shoes / sandles with a solid sole take the trauma of the affected area.
I don't intend doing long walks but do enjoy walking the South Downs. What advice could you give me on choosing a trail / hiking (or whatever you choose to call them) shoe that doesn't flex too much across the toes  that would put strain on the affected those joints. Perhaps this goes againt the general theory of walking shoes but that is what I need.
Looking smart(ish) would also be a priority as I may choose to wear them away from the hills - if they're comfortable.


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Re: Hiking shoes for Goutie
« Reply #1 on: 18:59:17, 06/10/10 »
I wear a combination of hard soled boots (Meindl) that flex very little anywhere and offer good support - but you wouldn't want to wear them around town - well I suppose you could but hmmm... anyway, during the summer months I wear the more modern type of fabric walking mid-boots. They tend to be much lighter and do flex much more than the rigid boot.

The main area of flex - and they vary from make to make, is in the mid-foot. They also tend to flex much more in the toe area which I like but will be a problem for you, but they do differ greatly between manufacturers. I have a worrying tendency to trip when wearing my Meindl Burm Pro's with the clompy soles. There may be something in between, perhaps Brasher or HiTek might do something with a firmer sole but more casual.

As for the theory - there are those that extol the virtues of the more rigid boot and those promoting the more 'trainer' style of boot or even shoe. Really, it's a case of finding something that you like but whatever you do, make sure they are correctly fitted - too loose or too tight brings problems of their own!

Good luck. I'm sure you'll get plenty of feedback from these guys here  :)
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