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« on: 18:45:37, 13/11/06 »
Ok, so heres the thing - Im a 24 yr old woman, and I want to try hiking and camping - but I know absolutely nothing about either. So I'm looking for advice.

Some 'beginner' questions -

- Where would be the best place to hike/camp for a beginner?

- What equiptment/clothing would I need?

- Would it be dangerous to start out alone, if not, are there any clubs or organised trips?

- When is the best time of year to start?

- I'm nowhere near fit enough to go hiking or carrying heavy backpacks so any tips on getting fit for it would be great

 - any other tips

Thanks, any and all help will be greatly appreciated  :)


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Re: Help?
« Reply #1 on: 13:05:29, 14/11/06 »
I guess it depends on your previous walking experience, what sort of walks/hiking you want to do, and where your local area is.
Where in the country are you?

I have joined a walking group in my local area and think that it would be a good idea for you to start there. I have joined a local group of the younger ramblers -20s - 30s group and it has made me get out there and do walking. Although i have to say the group i belong to rarely do walks over 10miles and I'm hoping to do more like 15miles. search on the rambler site to see if there is a younger group near you.

People keep telling me not to go for walks on my own, but when there is no one to go with you are a bit stuck. I'm 25 and female and find it difficult to find anyone to go for walks with apart from the group. I have considered 'advertising' for a walking partner but I'm too chicken to go ahead with it so I do a few walks on my own.

 Actually I bought a book that went throught the basics - lots of which i found i already knew because I'm no stranger to walking but its a good starting point :
"the ultimate hillwalking skills handbook" by Alan Hinkes and Chris Bagshaw.
Its aparently 12.99 but i got it cheaper from somewhere on the internet.

Erm, can't think what else to say.



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Re: Help?
« Reply #2 on: 22:04:26, 14/11/06 »

I am looking for some new people to go walking with if you are anywhere near Derbyshire. Im 26, Male, done quite a lot of walking and in August started the Pennine Way, got to Hebden Bridge when my friends knee decided it was not going any further :(

flyzonked, its hard to answer your question without knowing where you are and what sort of things you want to do.

As for equipment, it will be best to buy little bits at a time. This time of year you are going to need some waterproofs. My waterproof trouser from yoemans do the trick and they were very cheap. Ive splashed out over the years on berghaus etc but im sure cheap stuff from decathlon is just as good.


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Re: Help?
« Reply #3 on: 22:22:13, 15/11/06 »
Why don't you start of with a walk thats round 6/7  miles to start of with build up on hills and mountains. If you live near manchester try the  Peak District which is a good starting point as is quite decent in some parts.  Try Yorkshire any where good but you need but build up to this first for a couple of times and than work up to longer walks as for gear try blacks as they have a sale on a the moment like mjb said cheap stuff is just as good as the rest but its up to you. What feels comfortable boot i got a pair of Scarpa  the new ones sl something like there called which alot of people don't like but because Am slim and my legs are quite thin they work well less ankle support but i like that still a very good boot over all anything you buy keep the receipt.
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