Author Topic: Wainwrights Outlying Fells --- Bigland Barrow  (Read 623 times)


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Wainwrights Outlying Fells --- Bigland Barrow
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6th May 2008

Bigland Barrow from Newby Bridge

A spur of the moment walk today. I was by myself as the "boss-lady" was visiting her brother. It was a toss-up between jobs at home or getting out and by mid morning the latter won. A quick dash up to Newby Bridge and I was soon on my way following Wainwrights route. A  easy climb soon had me at the top where the wartime relic still stands. I chose a different return route to Wainwright as I wanted to visit a delightful but unnamed stretch of water below me.

Dist:    6.5 mls         Ascent:    841 ft      Time:     3 hours

Pictures for this walk are now available on the website for those wishing to view.