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Am looking round at the moment for some crampon's now i could just go for a c1 crampon but i've been looking round and fell upon some different ones
1. c1 crampon
3. black diamond
but not sure which one to go for
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Re: crampon's
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Hi wkg,

I am thinking of doing some 4000mtr climbs this year and would imagine I need some myself so would also appreciate any advice also as never used them before ???

I suppose it depends on what kind of walking you need them for I would suppose - I am not looking to do any Ice Climbing or anything but would guess I needed something that could deal with some snow?

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Re: crampon's
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If you're doing 4000mtr peaks in the Alps you need crampons for snow "and" ice, including loose snow, packed snow, frozen snow as well as water ice etc., and on occasion routes with intermittent rocky bits. I think you would be probably as well going to a good climbing/mountaineering shop and picking their brains even if you don't actually buy anything from them. I have a pair of 20 year old Grivel 12 point step ins that go with my equally ancient Trezeta boots. They worked well together when I did this sort of thing but I'm sure all this stuff has moved on since I last did any of that kind of stuff so I can't really advise on modern equipment. I also think that you could Google for info or browse appropriate magazines in shops.
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