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Tent Questions
« on: 10:14:22, 23/11/06 »
I have been looking around for a tent for a very long time and after looking at the tadpole 23 by north face and then dismissing it i have come back to it as it seems very lightweight and quite spacious.

I was wondering if anybody owned this tent and could comfirm that there is enough space for two people and their hiking gear in there.

Also i think i found why i dismissed it at first and that is the hydrostatic head as it is only 1500mm and i thought the recommended UK was 3000mm and as i would like to use it in the lakes i am worried it may leak.

So i investigated other tents but nothing in that price range compares with the weight and size


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Re: Tent Questions
« Reply #1 on: 12:19:22, 23/11/06 »

Don't know about the tadpole 23 but I've just bought a Lightwave XT trek which is both light and spacious-has additional vestibule area. Testing it in the Lakes this w/e so will be able to report on how waterproof it is soon.