Author Topic: Wildcamp at Red Tarn  (Read 3452 times)


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Wildcamp at Red Tarn
« on: 18:05:25, 29/06/08 »
Hey everyone  :)

Are there any spots near Red Tarn great for wildcamping?  I was thinking of heading over to do Helvellyn one weekend, but would also like to do a bit of photography at sunset and sunrise.

How bad is Striding Edge for those of us with leg shaking vertigo? lol


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Re: Wildcamp at Red Tarn
« Reply #1 on: 19:32:33, 29/06/08 »
I havent camped at red tarn{yet} but i have seen wild campers there a couple of times as people do wild camp there very often..,and there is a path abit lower down on striding edge that may suit you, but check it out first, there are numerous videos on youtube and walking sites a plenty.
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Re: Wildcamp at Red Tarn
« Reply #2 on: 22:25:21, 29/06/08 »
I've bivvied at Red tarn a few times with various numbers of my sproglets and pet dogs - and there are a few places around Red Tarn where you could put up a tent - and also quite a few alongside the beck just to the East.
The only thing is,  its a very popular spot, - as darksky says, people wild camp there often so don't necessarily expect to be alone - and there's potentially a problem with human waste, particularly amongst the boulder fields.
As for Striding Edge - all I can say is that its not specially difficult in dry conditions but can be a bit disconcerting at first. Again, its a very popular route, so there's likely to be others having wobblies too, if that helps. Personally, if I'm going to throw a wobbler, I like to do it in private, unless I'm actually going to fall off, in which case a few witnesses can be handy...
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Re: Wildcamp at Red Tarn
« Reply #3 on: 12:57:40, 30/06/08 »
Striding Edge is really straightforward, so long as you have a head for heights and don't do anything silly.  Swirral Edge is much shorter but some say it's more difficult.  Again it just needs a little care.

AS Mike says, it's a popular spot all year round, you're unlikely to be alone.
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