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Be a dogsbody!
« on: 10:49:26, 19/08/11 »
Not sure if this has been posted but SARDA are looking for volunteer rescuee's for their dogs to look for. You get free weekends accomodation whilst you are taking part.
 Volunteer your time
 We always need people to help, especially in the following areas:
 Dogsbodies -  Without bodies the dogs cannot train and so they are a vital ingredient! You will get a friendly welcome, free food and accommodation in North Wales for the weekend and join the team as a valued member. Some importantant qualities are:
 You must like dogs!
 Happy to get wet and slobbered on
 Be able to hide in obscure places
 Have a sense of humour
 Be happy to take instructions
 Catering - We are always glad of help with catering on our training weekends
 For more details email [email protected]
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Re: Be a dogsbody!
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Definitely a vital role to teach the dogs how to find casualties.
The Wainwright Society donated its annual fundraising to SARDA a couple of years back, and before the cheque presentation we had a joint walk with MRT team members, SARDA dogs and Dogsbodies. It was a great opportunity to talk to the guys at the sharp end and learn a lot more about the dogs and the training process
Photo below taken May 2009 on Outerside, with members of WS, SARDA dog handlers [red jackets] and Dogsbodies [green jackets]