Author Topic: Who's responsible for maintaining paths?  (Read 332 times)


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Who's responsible for maintaining paths?
« on: 08:36:53, 24/08/11 »
There's many public footpaths up at Blean Woods, near us.  They're marked with the little yellow arrow, and I've been having great fun exploring.  O0

Thing is, often there are marked paths that are completely impassable.  A few weeks back we discovered a new path - still marked with the obligatory arrows - that was completely impassable due to 50m of nettles (and initially my thought is that I should contact the council to get it cleared, as it is a right-of-way).  Further on the walk though I came across a Kent Wildlife Trust noticeboard that said they were looking for volunteers to do things, such as clear paths.  In the end, we went back and spent an hour with sticks and gloves and cleared the thicket so we could use it as a circular walk.  It's growing back quite rapidly, and within a couple of weeks I'm sure it'll be impassable again.   

So who is responsible for maintaining paths?  I'm thinking we're just going to go up there and do what we can to keep on top of it (and possibly look at volunteering), but I thought this should be a council thing...?


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Re: Who's responsible for maintaining paths?
« Reply #1 on: 08:58:27, 24/08/11 »
Your first port of call should really be the council. They have certain responsibilities, as do landowners. There is, I believe, a difference between upward growth (eg: nettles) and sideways growth (eg: tree branches). But the County Council Rights Of Way team should handle your problem in the first instance, delegating the work as necessary.  O0
A word of caution, though. Upward growth such as nettles can be a fairly short-lived problem which will die back relatively quickly and the "waiting list" for work can be quite long!  :(


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Re: Who's responsible for maintaining paths?
« Reply #2 on: 09:11:51, 24/08/11 »
Contact the council as to quote the Kent county council website
"Kent County Council is responsible for: maintaining and controlling natural vegetation on the surface of rights of way"

Round here there are "RoW volunteers who help maintain a few paths year round.


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Re: Who's responsible for maintaining paths?
« Reply #3 on: 13:30:05, 24/08/11 »
Around reservoirs, it can be the water authority that is responsible, but sometimes they strike without warning.
On Saturday, nearing the end of a hilly walk, the last leg was a simple stroll across the embankment of Wayoh reservoir in Lancashire. But... United Utilities had beaten me by a day, posted notices on the reservoir saying paths shut from the previous day, access fenced off and safety work underway.... may last six months.... and no alternative route... marvellous....
This path closure doesn't seem to have been at all well publicised, which strikes me as being somewhat irresponsible.
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