Author Topic: ben Rinnes - a wee hike for a large dram  (Read 1070 times)


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ben Rinnes - a wee hike for a large dram
« on: 13:50:39, 18/09/11 »
Sometimes I wish it were possible to use the more colourful of english words on these forum. Six weeks ago something called a summer started - naturally this meant days of lazy sunbathing, sweating doing the gardening or relazing on the patio of an old pub watching the ducks and swans swim by - NOT HERE it did'nt. So yet again after immense plans of a knoydart summit, my plans were reduced to a stroll on a local hill.
Now Ben Rinnes is no technical hill by any highland standards. Along its 6 mile round trip involing an escent of 560m, the effort needed to walk its 'yellow brick road' is nothing more then a good pre-sunday-dram walk of 2 to 3 hours duration. But don't get me wrong, I loved this firm well maintained wide path built by the friends of the hill. being the sort used to ploughing my own ways in the absence of a path, it makes a change to walk in the hills in sandols and not get your feet wet and I guess the 360 degree views from it of near enough the whole of moray were great, could even see the approaching dark cloud from the sea which later soaked me - cheers - really needed that again.
Apart from the wired fact that someone got wed on the summit once and two plans have crashed into it (not big enough I guess) the views I would say from the fun filled rocky outcrops at the sunmmit are the main feature about it. I could see all the way to the cairngorms, not an unusual thing but for those who can see long distance, that view is amasing. Not only that but on this trip it appeared that whereas the cairngorms were only under a swisp of cloud (visible tops) the coast was under a dark cloud - quite damn amasing to see.
These plans in question, one was a lancaster, those old large war planes not quite as dramatised as the B-52's but I remember seeing one up close during a air show when I was a kid during a short time when I was into airfix models. Must of made a few planes plus ships and for some reason a series of warrior on horses, which later sucumb to air gun pellets with some mates.
OK so this hill is not a great challenge, in fact I am sure some locals run up it before breakfast but if your ever in moray and would like a birds eye view of her whisky rolling hills, then this hill is the next best thing to a plane.






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Re: ben Rinnes - a wee hike for a large dram
« Reply #1 on: 20:21:11, 28/11/11 »
Great TR Troy...thanks for posting.....looks great O0

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Re: ben Rinnes - a wee hike for a large dram
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Nice TR. I've only ever driven through this area on the way to Elgin and when heading further out. I quite like the drive, usually coming from Huntly way. O0

Bit more info below

Bennachie is also another small hill, not that far away relatively from where you were, and I really like that for an afternoons walk.