Author Topic: Hadrian's Wall/Antonine Wall!!!!!  (Read 1759 times)


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Hadrian's Wall/Antonine Wall!!!!!
« on: 17:31:32, 04/08/08 »
Of next week and on other epic trail to unleash. Hadrian's Wall/Antonine Wall

 camping along the way not much insight into these routes!!! All I know about it is, it's Roman History.............. The Antonine wall is based in Glasgow!!!  Old Kilpatrick in the outskirts of Glasgow near Dumbarton on the Firth of Clyde. The wall ran for 39 miles - exactly half the distance of Hadrian's defensive works further south - and passed along the central valley of Scotland formed by the River Kelvin in the west and the Bonny Water to the east. For the most part the defences were positioned to the south of these two streams, which themselves formed a natural line of defence against attack from the north.  Two very interesting routes. Not yet to decided. 
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Re: Hadrian's Wall/Antonine Wall!!!!!
« Reply #1 on: 09:47:06, 05/08/08 »
The Antonine wall has just been made a World Heritage site, this is long over due, it is an absolute jewel in places. I don't think that you can walk the entire wall, a motorway to Edinburgh crosses it near Falkirk, but you can walk much of it in the Falkirk area, Rough castle is well worth a visit, and I've been to the part at Kinneil house at Bo'ness also and that was good. Mr Coot has visited the part at Bonnybridge and said that was good also. You might be best combining the Forth and Clyde and Union Canal walk with the Antonine wall, as they run together for part of the way.
Also interesting, if you care to go further north, is the Roman Fort Ardoch at Braco, it is amazing and so many people drive past it on their way to the highlands and it really is worth a visit (and there is a good pub in the village). There is a whole line of Roman fortlets north of Braco in Perthshire, the Gask ridge, many of them are getting bad rabbit damage, this is the northern boundary of the Romans in Scotland and predates Hadrian's wall.


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Re: Hadrian's Wall/Antonine Wall!!!!!
« Reply #2 on: 14:19:20, 06/08/08 »
Hope you have a good time - we did Hadrians earlier this year - very pleasant if a tad easy but I was with The Missus so we went slow and steady  ;D.

our experience is on the web at the address below


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Re: Hadrian's Wall/Antonine Wall!!!!!
« Reply #3 on: 21:21:55, 17/08/08 »
Good luck walkinggirl, hope you have a good 'un

Mananddog your site had me in stitches, good job O0 I'll make time tomorrow to read it all, I'm doing the cleveland way first week of sept, do you fancy doing it first and posting a report ;)

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Re: Hadrian's Wall/Antonine Wall!!!!!
« Reply #4 on: 21:55:25, 02/07/18 »
I have walked the Antonine Wall entirely and have mapped the complete route too. I did this because there was no connected signage. But now you can simply follow a map on you smartphone. Have a search for: The Antonine Wall - Jerome Blanes Route. It's a very green route and I enjoyed every minute of it. Of course we had great weather this summer.