Author Topic: My Very First Wild Camp :)  (Read 11331 times)


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My Very First Wild Camp :)
« on: 00:00:23, 05/06/12 »
Them that know me know that to do a wildcamp has been on my list of things
 to do for a long long time.
 This is just a very brief TR tonight before I fall asleep...
 This is me actually managing to get the bag on my back without falling over!
 Me n Lexi were very kindly accompanied by Humper Lumper, Frankie and Donna.   :)
 On our walk on Friday afternoon up Yewbarrow, we spotted a good place to try out this new venture
 near a stream but also in a place where good views could be reached easily.
 We decided to try out a spot just below Yewbarrow just near to Dore Head. 
 Here are the tents, which went up no problem due to the help that Rich and Donna gave me.
 I'd got a Banshee and oh what a funny shape it was!
 The next bit of this exciting time of trying out new things was to just stand and enjoy the views as the light
 and the reality of it being just you, the mountains and the baaing sheep.   And on this occasion.  The wind.
 And some funny shaped rocks...
 I lay in my tent and was way too hot in buffalo gear and my minus 10 sleeping bag and began the process
 of taking off layers and it wasn't long after 9 30pm that I was soon fast asleep.
 The next morning I awoke.   ***** I thought.   It was light.   Well half light.  I looked out of the tent door way
 and saw this..
 Now, I didn't know what time it was and the light was half light and for some reason I was all fingers and thumbs
 and I didn't even think of switching on my phone to see what time it was, I just wanted to get out to see
 what it all looked like in the morning!
 Thinking that that was it, I started to walk and as I walked, I realised that the greyness of the light was
 changing to this omg and I realised that what I first saw was towards the west and so it was the moon
 and this new view facing east was in fact the sun rising...
 I just couldn't believe it!
 But, not only that.  I had staggered half awake almost to the top of Red Pike.
 Me here, alone and with this glory.
 Something funny that happened whilst I was taking about 50 photos of the sunrise was  in the silence,
 this very LOUD BAAA behind me, and I went "OOOHHH!" and turned round and there was this sheep
 saying hello!
 This is just another one of the shots..
 And, this is the very last one.  I had decided that I shouldn't be looking at the sun through my camera
 lens so I was pointing and clicking without looking, so sorry if any of them seem to be lopsided!
 I wandered back to base camp for a bacon buttie and a cuppa.  When I switched my mobile on, it said
 5.38.  So I must have woken some time after 4am!
 Thanks Rich and Donna for making this an event in my life time.  Your help, especially with the tent
 and letting me use your stove too is much appreciated.  You have been kindness itself to me and
 Lexi.  Thank you to you both.  I couldn;t have done this without you.   O0
 Here is one after brekkie up Red Pike again sitting on the chair...

If it is ok with anyone, I'll include some more tomorrow.

I am SO omg!   I want to do it as much as possible in all the places I've ever wanted to.
I'm going to call it the dibble way.

Life is so good to have awoken to see a sunset and to have slept on this very land I love and adore.

Thank you to my life events that have led to me being so so lucky to be able to do this.

It feels so very funny to be in a house now.  I wish I was back there now.
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Re: My Very First Wild Camp :)
« Reply #1 on: 00:05:07, 05/06/12 »
Amazing Dibbs, look forward to more of this, you are a one off  O0


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Re: My Very First Wild Camp :)
« Reply #2 on: 00:16:16, 05/06/12 »
you sound soooo happy in that trip report  O0
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Re: My Very First Wild Camp :)
« Reply #3 on: 00:32:06, 05/06/12 »
Wow, that looks absolutely stunning Catherine  O0.  Look forward to seeing plenty more.


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Re: My Very First Wild Camp :)
« Reply #4 on: 04:57:43, 05/06/12 »
Great stuff dibble  8)
How was the Banshee ? I've just bought one off ebay and waiting for delivery so I can get out on my Second wildcamp in my own tent  :D


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Re: My Very First Wild Camp :)
« Reply #5 on: 06:16:28, 05/06/12 »
Congratulations  Catherine,  O0
I bet there no stopping you now. O0


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Re: My Very First Wild Camp :)
« Reply #6 on: 07:15:04, 05/06/12 »
Much respect to you Dibble, you did something I don't think I'll ever be brave enough to do and you sound so happy. I love the photos and tr and can't wait to read and see more of it :)
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Re: My Very First Wild Camp :)
« Reply #7 on: 07:54:22, 05/06/12 »
Good on ya Dib's, hope it's the first of many  O0

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Re: My Very First Wild Camp :)
« Reply #8 on: 09:26:38, 05/06/12 »
Well done Catherine.  So glad you enjoyed it all so much and weren't you lucky to see such a wonderful sunrise on your first wildcamp adventure  O0 O0
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Re: My Very First Wild Camp :)
« Reply #9 on: 09:29:17, 05/06/12 »
That's brilliant Dibbs, I bet you are still on a high in a few days time and start planning your next wild camp. Really glad you enjoyed it, keep the excellent pictures coming.  O0
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Re: My Very First Wild Camp :)
« Reply #10 on: 09:29:51, 05/06/12 »
Hey Dibs, it really sounds like you have discovered something inspiring  :) ... camping in the mountains is magical isn't it? Well done for going at it and of course a big pat on the back to Humper and Donna for helping out.

Fantastic photos, my fave has to be that sunrise shot.  O0
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Re: My Very First Wild Camp :)
« Reply #11 on: 11:00:49, 05/06/12 »
Lovely TR O0 O0 O0 O0 O0
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Re: My Very First Wild Camp :)
« Reply #12 on: 11:25:53, 05/06/12 »
Excellent report, full of that famous Dibble enthusiasm!
Mistaking the moon for the sun - class! ;)
More please!
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Re: My Very First Wild Camp :)
« Reply #13 on: 11:54:24, 05/06/12 »
Dibble, that bought a tear to my eye. I'm so happy for you & you should be really proud of yourself for doing this! O0
It's good to know that friends helped and supported you in making your dreams a reality.
Looking forward to the next Dibble Wild Camp  8)
Tracey :)
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Re: My Very First Wild Camp :)
« Reply #14 on: 12:05:57, 05/06/12 »
Yes!  This is what's it's all about.  I could feel the sense of epiphany as I read it.  It's such a great feeling to still be on the hills when everyone else is going back to their cars eh.  And to have it all to yourself, especially with such a great sunrise is something everyone should experience.  It sounds corny, but it really does bring out some primal feeling in me that is hard replicate in any other way.  Just you and the land, it's a special thing.  Thanks for posting  O0