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iPhone GPS and OS Grid Refs
« on: 10:36:29, 19/10/08 »

I generally don't use a GPS when I'm out walking as I prefer to keep my map reading and compass work up to scratch but for years I've used a Garmin eTrex as a standby aid, just in case things go awry.

When I got my new iPhone 3G, I was pleased that it came with a GPS but disappointed that it only covered Latitude and Longitude.  That has changed now as, last weekend, I used it in anger through an app called NavigX Touch that I bought on the App Store.  This brings the UK's Ordnance Survey Grid to the iPhone and, for a quick position fix, it worked really well for me.

OK, so the iPhone isn't as robust as a GPS but if you've got another location aid on your phone as a backup to your GPS, then its one more aid to prevent staying lost and you'll probably always have your phone with you.

NavigX Touch is in the iTunes App Store but you can find out a lot more about it on the company's web site at  They've got a wishlist on there of features they are planning to add in so that makes for interesting reading.

(No, I'm not on commission but if the author of the software does read this, I wouldn't say no!!!)