Author Topic: Guide helped for climb of Jack's Rake - late May 2013  (Read 439 times)

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A lady from London posted this mail to my website at . Can anyone help her out - I will pass offers to help her and her daughter on to them. Thank you. The request goes:

My (12 year old) daughter has been wanting very much to climb the Jack's rake route on Pavey Ark for route for years having seen it from the other side of the tarn at an early age. While we both have proper boots, etc and are familiar with the Lakes, I cannot truthfully describe us as experienced as our visits are too infrequent. I would love to take her up but am mindful of the risks and accidents I have read about. It is hard to judge whether it would just be challenging for us - or reckless. Would you, or do you know of anyone who would be willing to accompany us i.e. a guided walk? We are spending the best part of a week based in Ambleside at the end of May.
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