Author Topic: Whats the best Base layer  (Read 3039 times)


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Whats the best Base layer
« on: 22:01:51, 10/01/07 »
I would like to know what you would suggest is the best base layer to buy? Iím a keen hill walker, but can soon sweat through my base layerís on a good ascent.


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Re: Whats the best Base layer
« Reply #1 on: 20:05:59, 17/01/07 »
Cambia! (I should say capilene) Paramo or Patagonia make the best. Unfortunately, I only discovered them a couple of years ago after years of itchy HH lifa! Its the most comfortable BL i have ever worn. Honeycomb side in for warmth, shiny side in for cooling, 2 BLs for the price of 1! try for cut price Paramo.
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