Author Topic: Keeping up with a faster partner  (Read 2410 times)


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Keeping up with a faster partner
« on: 16:36:12, 12/01/07 »
I do a lot of hiking and walking and would consider myself to be in pretty good shape but lately I have joined two 60 year old women on walks (I'm 49) and they leave me in the dust.  I've done shin strengthening exercises to help reduce the burning in my shins and stretching exercises before we walk, and generally after 30 minutes of walking, my leg muscles have warmed up enough that I can then keep up without any problem but those first 30 minutes are still pretty gruesome at times.  The women I'm walking with don't do any special exercises and they don't even do stretching warmups yet they can start out at top walking speed and keep it going without any problem.  They have said that they are willing to start out more slowly until I'm ready to pick up speed but that's kind of ego deflating.  It this just a fate of musculature differences or is there something I can do to improve the speed with which my legs warmup?