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Waterproofing Boots
« on: 12:51:41, 27/01/07 »
Hi all!

I'm asking for a bit of advice here.  I've 2 pairs of hiking boots that Ive used over the recent years (one pair only 1 month old - just getting comfy now!)

First pair are Scarpa, and a suede boot with goretex lining, second Raichle and are a full leather boot with goretex lining.

With both pairs I've found that water enters the boot.  Not much, but just a dampness.  It happens in very wet conditions (like last night where parts of the walk were boggy and water came over the toes of the boot).  I've waterproofed my boot with nikwax aqueous wax and the leather kept mostly dry except some wetting out around where the boot creases at the toe.

I got home and my feet were dry (perhaps damp but I'd expect that if the boot was waterlogged with no breathability).  After cleaning the boots, when i put my hand inside the boot the top of the boot around the toes was wet, and still is this morning.  Shouldn't goretex stop this?

I'm tempted to use dubbing or similar to waterproof the boots but i don't want to destroy the breathability of the boots completely.

Any advice???



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Re: Waterproofing Boots
« Reply #1 on: 15:18:00, 02/03/07 »
When I was in a similar situation, I bit the bullet and used dubbin, although my boots are a bit older, they are still in perfect walking condition.
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