Author Topic: Hows the weather in the Peak  (Read 622 times)


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Hows the weather in the Peak
« on: 20:15:23, 11/02/09 »
On Sunday I'm hoping (weather permitting) to take someone new to walking either up and around Kinder Scout (via either the ladder or Grindsbrook) or around Mam Tor and Lose Hill. He's not walked much before but spends several hours in the gym each week and runs 5-6 miles as well, so fitness wise he'll be fine, even though no doubt he'll ache a bit afterwards.

Obviously recently the weather has been.. well wintery really, so I was wondering what the conditions were like.

I'm not overly concerned about deep snow and ice strewn paths but this will be his first time walking properly so didn't want to make things any harder than necessary.

The routes I'm looking at are all around 8 miles and are as follows:

a) Barber Booth then up Jacobs Ladder, across the western edge to the downfall and back again.

b) Edale, up Grindsbrook across the southern edge and the Woolpacks, a brief visit to the cairn so he can say we'd walked a mountain then down the ladder.

c) A route up chapel track, along rushup to Mam Tor across to lose hill and back down by Hollins Cross.

So what are the conditions like? Paths iced up, snow very deep?  If you've been in the past few days or are going on Saturday, please let me know.

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These boots were made for walking so that's just what I'll do. After I've re-proofed them of course...