Author Topic: dyeing gortex jacket ?  (Read 3829 times)


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dyeing gortex jacket ?
« on: 02:06:02, 26/03/07 »
i know the answer to this must be no but still, its worth asking...
ive bought a northface jacket off my mate which he hardly wore at all and cost him a fortune.... as i only wanted it for walking and i am not too bothered about what i look like at all whislt out walking/climbing the colour didnt bother me too much...

now ive had time to live with the new coat ive decided that red and black just arnt my colours at all, and wondered if it is at all possible to dye this coat?
id imagine the goretex membrane would affect the dyeing somewhat but im not sure to what level.....would the outer fabric shell take the dye ? would it clogg up the goretex membrane ? if so, would this be curable by reproffing the coat with tx direct etc...?
.i want to dye it black and im not to fussed if it comes out a little patchy as long as im not glowing bright red and standing out in the countryside like a sore thumb.... i like to blend in a bit..... im sure you'll understand.

is there any special dye avaialable ? or techniques for doing it ?
has any one tried it before?



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Re: dyeing gortex jacket ?
« Reply #1 on: 22:14:19, 27/03/07 »
no one got any idears with this one before i ruin a perfectly good/ very expensive coat ?


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Re: dyeing gortex jacket ?
« Reply #2 on: 18:33:05, 28/03/07 »
you could sell it on ebay and buy yourself a coat in the colour you want. i don't really think dye would take to a waterproof coat :D


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Re: dyeing gortex jacket ?
« Reply #3 on: 11:49:31, 29/03/07 »
Many years ago I had a girlfriend who bought a pair of walking boots in a dodgy shade of green.   She asked me about socks and I said that Bridgedale did a pair of light hikers in green, so she duly went out and bought a pair.   When she came back she was appalled to note that they just didn't match.

My response was that she was going to be wearing these items on the hills where no-one was too worried about what you looked like, and not on a catwalk.

My feeling is that bright colours aren't necessarily a bad thing, as they could save your life if something happened.    If you blend in too nicely, then perhaps the rescue services simply wouldn't see you.

Now I know I'm a bloke and blokes apparently have no clothes/colour sense, but do you really want to do this?



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Re: dyeing gortex jacket ?
« Reply #4 on: 21:43:27, 31/03/07 »
I may be wrong but i believe, that because Gortex (only a trademark) is not a natural fibre and the colour is dyed in, while the polymer is being spun, then for it to even take a dye the heat would have to be at such a high level that damage to the coat could very well occur and as, has been stated before even if you could some how manage to change the colour, then there is a highly likely possibilty that the coat would not really be ideal for you anymore. Sorry :-[

But hay remember summer is just around the corner ;D
Are we there yet ?