Author Topic: TR: Farndale/Rudland Rigg – Epic fails  (Read 2912 times)


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Re: TR: Farndale/Rudland Rigg – Epic fails
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Thanks everyone for the comments  :)
Lostme1- totally agree.  A café / pub is definitely the most important part of a walk  O0
alewife and Rhino - wise choices  ;D
dittzzy - been on the ecigs since October and have noticed a massive improvement with my breathing (still huff and puff mindst).
phil - yup, just being out in the countryside was definitely a tonic for the soul (even if it was the same bit of countryside over and over again  ;D  )
bricam -  :D  made me chuckle did that  ;D
... and, just for midweekmountain :  Daffy   ;)
No expense spared in pursuit of a bargain ;)