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Yorkshire Walks with Great Food
« on: 12:03:11, 06/07/16 »
Hi there, I signed up for some advice, hope you can help!

I'm off to Yorkshire for a week soon, my first time, and staying in a cottage in somewhere called Buttercrambe. I'll have a car so I can get about.

I'm basically going to try and indulge my two loves, walking and food. I'm interested to know about any hot tips for either but I'm particularly interested in beautiful / dramatic scenic walks that can be combined with a great meal - maybe starting a pub somewhere, going for a nice long walk (quite happy with walking two or three hours) and then having a meal. Or quite happy for the two to be recommended separately!

One thing I'm quite keen to discover is hidden gems in terms of country pubs with great food. I don't want trendy gastropubs or places that have hundreds of tripadvisor reviews. I'm wondering about proper local, but welcoming places that are family run, where they've been cooking the same hearty home-style fare for years and years.

Am I being unrealistically romantic? These sorts of places don't really exist in the South East anymore!